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Peeing Outside Of Litter Box?! Help!!!

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Okay i posted something similar in behavior, but apparently kitty is peeing more outside of box. Put fresh litter down last night and I did not find any pee this morning. Heard more accounts of her peeing outside the box. As I asked in the other one, could it be that she is mimicking the dogs who pee on the carpet (not my dogs, they belong to the family) or is she ill???

Someone help!
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Are you sure the dog pee smell is gone? If it is not, get a good cleaner, like natures miracle, and clean it. If this is the only time she has peed somewhere, I wouldn't worry, but if it happens again go to the vet. Also look around the house to make sure she didn't pee somewhere else. Samba pees on the ground, and we don't always find the places he has peed for a couple days.

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I am almost certian the smell is still there, like I said it is their dogs, not mine, and personally I dont even want the cat over there but when i am not home they leave the door open to their part of the house and due to the inquisitive nature of cats she has to go check it out. . .
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I agree; if it's more than once, go to the vet first to rule out a medical issue.

Second, buy a black light. You can get an "under counter/cabinet" florescent black light at Home Depot or Lowes for about $20.

Cat pee (and other stains) glow under black light, and this will help you identify where kitty has peed. The fresher the stain, the brighter it will glow.

You need to use an enzyme cleaner to take care of the spots. Natures Miracle or Nok-out are both good. You really need to douse the area with the enzyme cleaner. If it's on carpet, the pee has probably gone all the way through the carpet, and it needs to be soaked through. Keep the cat off/away from the area(s) until they are dry. (I went through this process on Saturday, and the spots were not really dry until today).

Good luck!

ETA: The Nature's Miracle will work on dog pee, too. It's actually easier to clean than cat pee.
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I am working on moving out this weekend. I am thinking she is mimicking dogs. . . She has never done this before. If i think it is too much of an issue when I get off work i may make an appointment for her. How much does it usually run to get tested for UTI???
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Sorry, I don't remember how much it cost for us to get it, but it is worth it, I think its around 100 dollars for the vet visit and the test around where I live. Also, if your cat can smell the dog pee she WILL pee there, whether sick or not. Its a territorial thing. Hope that helps.

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i kind of thought she would do the territorial thing. . . i cant wait to get her out of that house. I hate every moment we have to spend there. . .
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As with many things, it depends...

Leo always ended up with an overnight hospital visit and catheterization with his uti's (read: $$$), but I know other people who just had a regular visit and got sent home with meds.

They will probably start by trying to make the cat pee, so they can see if it looks "gritty" (signs of crystals), bloody, or if they have trouble peeing. If the cat's bladder is empty or close to empty, they might give it fluid or keep it there until they can get some urine to look at and test.

From there, it probably depends on what they find. If they do determine the cat to have a uti, you'll get some antibiotics to bring home.

You might pm vettech, I'm sure she'd have a better idea.
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you guys are great!
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Has she only peed where the dog has, or is it in other places? And also have you seen her do it? If you have, does she seem to be straining?


EDIT: Thanks! I know how bad it is for a cat to be peeing everywhere, Samba has had a problem since we bought him. He has had 3 UTI's and a behavioral problem.
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I have not seen her and it is my understanding it is just where the dogs do. The other day the dog pooped on the floor, and she sat there trying to bury it. She knows where to go. . . I think it is the dogs. . .
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Watch her carefully. If you see any blood or it gets any worse bring her in. But I think it is just the dogs pee that is making her do it. I think the move will help, but you might have to retrain her to use the litter box since she has been going on the ground for so long. In most cases, the cat will go back to using the litter box again as soon as the smell is gone, so don't worry. Good luck!

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thank you!
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Your welcome! You should really thank my kitty Samba, If it wasn't for him I wouldn't know anything about this subject!

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as for the cost thing, I just had 2 urinalysis done on my kitty at about 60 each, but worth it because he did have a UTI, and his main symptom was peeing outside the box. Glad he's' fixed though because UTI's are awful
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It sounds to me as though she just smells the dog pee and is responding.

Since you are moving soon, set up 2 litter pans for her at your new place and I'll bet you'll be fine.
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