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147 Unwanted Cats; Possibly Moving

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Me and Troy browsed our "LOCAL" Humane Society met tons of amazing kitty cats. I'm also a volunteer and HAD to get Troy out there and take a look at there animals. Mainly the dogs not the cats, because they got a 1yr.old full-blood Boxer, few month old bull terrier (looks pit) and a very adorable 9wk old full-blood choc lab puppy. We only have 2 dogs and thought 1 more wouldn't hurt at all. The lady was bringing up the cats.. (grr..), then had to mention they have 147 O_O. I know they have a lot of cats, they got 4 small rooms PACKED with cats, and a hall way lined with cages full of little kittens. This grey & white just had 2 tiger kittens about a week or two ago. I told her we have 6 inside cats and 2 outside cats living in my "moms" barn. Did you honestly think that stopped her (Amber) from going on and on about fostering. Gee.. like I’ve never heard of fostering before. Still.. I’m trying to cut down, and yes there adorable and precious and I want to steal them all. Troy wanted the boxer.. then wanted the bully, then "I" wanted the lab and bully. Oh boy.. we walked out signing 3 adoption forms lol.

Then the other day to my wanting to move, my AC broke down O_O in the ending HOT summer. My bed room toilet leaks all the time, my shower likes to turn cold for fun. I know when somebody runs water that happens, but unless my animals learned to used a sink or toilet that wasn't the problem. When we first moved in, we rented the place, never had any problems. Now since we bought it about a year or so ago we have problems. I said i don't want to leave my enclosure if we move, my oh so smart hubby didn't weld or concrete anything. He used pins to lock the walls together, so its a simple thing as un-pin/lock them and loaded them in the truck and pin them back up at the new location. Of course i would have to put the stuff back up in it, but not a big deal. The problem is we have a very small yard with 2 LARGE dogs, a Rottweiler and a great Dane puppy. Small yard and another down fall we have the big enclosure which makes it even smaller. We both have high paying incomes right now, steady easy going jobs. Plenty of home time, and our animal need is limited. I have a 3 bed-room but my main bed-room is only 12x13 (including bath room). You get up, hit the wall, bath room door, or the dresser lol.

All my cats are in a smaller room and my dogs are in another. It was fine when it was just me and him and 2 dogs, now its not. So I found some decent looking 4-5 bed room homes, so I’m going to keep looking and if I find one we might move ^_^. If we do, were going to start fostering cats, and hoping to help out more at the humane society. Wish us luck
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Wow, THREE adoption forms?? Lucky dogs.

I applaud you for doing that. Make sure to keep us updated on your progress!!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Good Vibes for a sucessful Goal!
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congrats on the new pooches!! I think that lady must be nuts trying to get you to take more kitties as sad as it may be, how often do people come around that take 3 animals at once, she should have been greatful (but still I can understand)
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Yeah, i do understand. But i got rid of kittens because lack of space and time. I would be more able to foster older cats, they don't take up as much energy lol. As for having 2 litters of kittens i can tell you there VERY needy haha. Also mouthy to.. . Were getting them today at 2pm, so excited. The only problem is it is rushing our moving stage 3x more. I can't have 5 big dogs in a small house with 6 cats. Thank god 3 are not full grown yet. Even though my great Dane is close to a 1yr and will be full grown shortly. I told her i would foster when we get a bigger house "NOTHING" more. I also told her i wouldn't be able to continue working at the facility. Not with my paying job and all the animals and the moving etc that i would be doing.

I went to a charity fundraiser of theres that they hold in the county's 4-h. I raised $1,200 ALONE after 7 days, it was so fun. I also got 11 kitty cats adopted and 2 dogs. I was so proud, tired, exhausted, and dying of heat but proud ^_^. It was so much work, but it paid off big time, we raised a lot of money and got a fair amount of animals adopted out. I adopted Lilly, Dayton, and Faith from them (they came in as feral’s) i fostered and fell in love. THEN lol found out the females were pregnant. Since that wasn't in the information when i adopted i could of requested my fee's back and gave them back, because its considered false documents. But... lol, it was a great exp for me, and i ended up keeping a few kittens. So we'll see.
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Wow, you are wonderful Best wishes on fostering & the move!
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No i'm not lol, i'm just nuts and get wrapped in to things xP.
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