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Greetings from Malaysia!

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie here as well as being a cat owner. I was given a kitty that is approximately a year old and she's beautiful. She's now an apartment cat and is extremely good mannered. Thank goodness she knows how to use the litter tray I'll be bringing her for a vet visit in a few days time. I have so much to learn. This is the first time my fiance and I have a cat and she is so communicative. We are in love with her. I think she's a non-pedigree but I need to confirm this with my vet who is a cat-expert.

We are getting her new toys soon. We've given her one of those nicer cat litter tray with filter filled with the silica type litter, two bowls (one for food, the other for water) and a play mat. I think she's slowly getting acquainted with us and the new surroundings.

I've only owned rabbits and guinea pigs before so cats are entirely new. I currently have 2 little piggies who are sectioned off in the back covered balcony. I don't think I'll be introducing cat and piggies anytime soon. I'm afraid she may view them as food! But she has the whole apartment to roam and the front balcony to play.

I'll be updating more when I get pics of her. Thanks for listening to my rambling
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Hello there!

Welcome and ramble on as much as you want about anything, there are great forums in the lounge as well as the feline friends forums if you have any questions about your cat!

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Welcome to the site and to the joys of being owned by a cat! Your cat will bring you endless joy, and you will find that the bond you share with her is unlike any other pet you can have. Not better or worse, just different.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about your cat, and even introducing her to the piggies when the time comes. I know that we have quite a few members with multiple species households that can give you some tips on how to make everyone live in harmony.
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You can never post too many!
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Welcome to the site!!

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Where in Malaysia are you? I have a friend who lived in KL for about 5 years, so I have visited your beautiful country three times - I love it.
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Hi flimflam! I'm in KL too. Yep, yep it's a nice place and improving. The weather has been quite enjoyable too. Windy patches with dry sun... like the beach side :o)

I just found out that my little kitty is only 3 months old and she's a Persian-mix. I thought she was older because she seems quite big. But I'm only exposed to piggies mostly, so I was not entirely certain about cat sizes. She has grey fur (blue) but has slightly visible patches of white.

I still have much to learn. This forum is fantastic!
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Welcome! Gotta love this worldwide community of cat lovers! Hope you stop in at the lounge and join in on the daily thread and give us all a sense of what a normal day for you consists of.
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Good to meet ya!
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