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Strawberry milk

Carpet or wood flooring?
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wood floors...yum

fall or spring?
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too hot or too cold
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too hot

Cookies or Cake?
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Lobster or crab?
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Mmm...I'd have to say crab.

Lab or golden?
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Mmmm crablegs.....

Sorry the though of crab does that to me! HAHA

Without a doubt Goldens! I LOVE goldens! Labs... not so much...

Big dogs or small dogs
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Both! I'm a dog lover all the way around. If I had to pick any size, though, it would be medium.

Books or movies?
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Books, they're usually always better

Pepperoni or sausage on pizza?
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Pepperoni.. the sausage is so different everywhere sometimes you get some gross ones!

Live Tv or Dvd's?
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DVD - No commercials

When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman?
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harry? pretty woman? oh gosh. I go for when harry met sally

rivers? or oceans?
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Hiking in woods or curled up with a good book?
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Oceans! I adore being at the beach! I plan to own my own island one day! And it has to be tropical!

Um Vacation:
Fun and exciting or Relaxing and tranquil
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Fun and exciting! I love a thrill.

Regular or flavored water?
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regular water and no buying it either

bath or shower?
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Crayons or magic markers?
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Crayons...they can be used in so many different ways.

or ?
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long haired cats or short haired cats?
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long haired .... and short!

Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives?
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Desperate Housewives

Gift wrap or Gift bag?
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Gift wrap (but a bag is easier lol)

Coffee or tea?
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Buying presents for someone:
Gift card, Present, or Cash?
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Book or Audio Tape
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Desktop PC or Laptop
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Liquid detergent or the grainy and dry stuff?
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Liquid!!! I hate the powder- sticks to all my clothes

Dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener
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Dryer sheets!

Spell check or no spell check?
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Spell check

white cheese dip or yellow cheese dip
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Oil paints or acrylic ones?
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