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A new breed??

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Has anyone heard of a breed of an ocicat and abssian mix?
If so, what can you tell me about the traits and size.
Where can I find a breeder?
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Here's a link on Yahoo for both breeds. Good luck.

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Can't recall a mix of the two... Where did you see that?
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I havnt heard of that one yet. However I don't see how it would make any sense. In order to get an Osicat you breed an Abby with a siamese. Why would you then cross back to an abby? You are eventually going to end up with an Abby.
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An Ocicat is the same type of genetics as an aby. Abys are the older breed. My opinion (and it's only my opinion) I'd rather have an aby. They are know as "couch cougars". Don't get me wrong, Ocis are pretty and are a wild look but if you don't know the breed, people might think they are an average cat whereas an aby stands out. Good luck in your search.

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Not only does the Aby stand out, but it is clearly the most intelligent, loyal, playful and perfect breed of cat we know - right Frannie? Not that either of us are prejudiced, mind you - we just happen to have the most exquisite Abys around!
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Rene, you'll get absolutely no arguments from me.

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Well, Ummm errr, well, my kittie are morest smartier than you kittie are.

Neener, Neener...
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Imagyne Must be a Navy Nerd , check the spelling
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You're the only one who realized it was me....

U am smartier two huh...
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You guys won't get any argument from me!!! I breed persians. They are dumb as sticks!!! ( But very loveable ) Just like my husband!!

Okay, it's obviously past my bedtime. I am getting silly.
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