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CNN - What are they thinking???

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It's the 6th anniversary of the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor.

General Petraeus is testifying in front of the Senate today on the current status of the war in Iraq, after testifying for the House yesterday.

President Bush met with leaders of both parties today to discuss Iraq.

There has been a new release that Bush is going to announce "withdraw goals".

A black girl was tortured and sexually assaulted by 6-8 white men who are now possibly facing Hate Crime charges which will increase their sentences if convicted.

There's a lot going on in the news today. Any one of those stories listed above could/should be the lead story. But what does cnn.com have as their lead story on the website?

Emails: Petraeus the warrior or mouthpiece?

And the bias is overwhelming. The first 3 paragraphs are quotes from people echoing the Democrats' mantra that he's saying what the President wants him to say (even though it's not what Bush actually really wants him to say...), and that he's basically lying to Congress to tow the line. That he has no integrity, or is scared for his job.

I'm simply astonished. A "serious" news outlet like CNN leads off with a thoroughly biased, complete opinion story on a day like today? Why not just lead off with how everyone's bashing Britney for being too fat? There's the same amount of integrity in that story.

I know there's a lot of people, even on here, who continually bash Fox News (referred to as Faux News). But let's see what their lead story is...

U.S. Officials Begin Crafting Iran Bombing Plan

Huh. That at least sounds like real news that could affect us a whole lot more than opinions on whether or not General Petraeus will tell the truth or not, especially considering there is no reference to his actual testimony, just presumptions (based on the poll done August 6-8) about what he might be saying.

So, fine, y'all can call Fox "Faux News" if you want to and claim they have this HUGE bias that puts the bias of the other networks to shame. I'll stick with calling CNN something I just heard today (though it may be much older than that), "Communist News Network". And no, it wasn't Rush Limbaugh that said it, either.
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I think I heard that MoveOn.org bought out CNN.

So sad.
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the the whole hurry up and lose thing.
so we can get back to what matters football on sunday.
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Our news stations up here also featured the General Petraeus story before the features on 9/11 or the story on the Dawson College shootings which happened a year ago tomorrow.
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At least, it wasn't Brittany Spears' dismal performance on the MTV Awards - that's what MY local "news" station kept running all morning.
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Oh ours covered that too, but had the decency to show it after the real news
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