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Alarm Clock Kitty

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I have a problem I have been unable to solve: Around 4-5am, almost every morning, Pooh begins meowing to wake us up. I can't figure out that it is for any other reason other than that. At first we left our bedroom door open, and he would just meow, it seemed like he would do it as soon as one of us moved in our sleep or if we got up to go to the bathroom. So we closed the door and that seemed to help for awhile. Now he just starts in at 4-5am and meows until one of us gets up. If we don't get up he starts throwing himself at the door.

I won't say that Mama is not involved somewhat, I'm pretty sure she's sitting on the sidelines egging him on.

We have tried ignoring them to discourage the behavior but that's really hard to do. Here it is Sunday morning and I have been up since 4am and I feel so upset. And I feel really bad that these are "my" cats and they are disturbing my wonderful husband's rest...he never makes me feel that way but I do anyway.

Usually if I just get up and come out there where they are it stops and they seems happy. Eventually they go back to sleep for the day and I am left with having not gotten enough sleep. Sometimes I let them out on the lanai and this does the trick for ahile, but it's been too cold for that lately (yes, even here in Florida!) We have also tried lengthy play sessions right before bed time. Doesn't seem to matter.

Any suggestions?? By the way, Pooh is one of those really funny cats that is constantly getting in trouble. As I speak he is standing on top of my computer printer trying to figure out how to knock things off my desk....gotta love him!!
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This is a problem we hear about quite often. You can do a search and find lots of threads about this. Here is one thread which discusses this problem. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ght=wake+night

Here's another link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ht=noisy+sleep
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Some good ideas in the links you suggested. Many of them I have tried already...one simple one I haven't. EARPLUGS! There's a thought!
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Also understand that cats are nocturnal creatures and hunters. This time of the morning is when the prey is about and when cats hunt. This is a natural progression for a cat to do. Feed you cat a large tasty meal right before you go to bed to help stop this prey instinct, and as suggested in the links, play with your cat right before bed (before you feed) to tire him out.
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Thanks folks! I had another really good suggestion that has seemed to help. It has been chilly here (for Florida) and I started using a heating pad in the bottom of my bed for my cold feet. About the same time someone suggested that the cats might be cold and might settle down if I provided some warmth. Darned if they don't climb up and snuggle down now...which they have never done before.
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LOL - get ready for those HOT summer nights!

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My cat does the same thing he sits on my bed meowing until I wake up and if I dont he goes to sleep on my face
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My large male cat use to try to get us up at sun up every morning and would then run to his bowl to be fed. As soon as we went back to bed he'd start meowing at us again. We tried ignoring him and that didn't work so we tried a little negative reinforcement. When he meowed and woke me up I put him in his kitty crate in the next room and closed the gate. This is not really punishment as his crate is very comfy but it wasn't what he wanted so.......after just a few mornings of "kitty jail", our Jake decided to wait until we got ourselves up before meowing and running for his food dish.
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Hey TNcatfancier...I live just up the road from you in KY...about 15 miles from the LBL. Are you actually on the lake in the LBL?
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hi lotsocats!! I actually live in the backwoods about 12 miles outside of Dover, TN! So I guess we are neighbors.
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Hmmmm.....I have a friend who lives in Bumpus Mills, TN. are you anywhere near there?
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