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Nutro Indoor Senior

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I was shopping at Petco with my mom and she was preparing to buy Science Diet for our beloved cats. Well I've been learning about Nutrition just because it interests me. I looked at the ingrediants and was shocked. I didn't understand how they could have such poor ingrediants and then right there on the bag say "Vet Approved" or something similar.

So I looked at every single cat food there and compared ingrediants. The best I could find was Nutro. We got the Indoor Senior dry food (our cats recieve wet as well). I wasn't comfortable buying any wet food in that brand because it was recalled before.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I have noticed since the switch. Much more healthy looking animals! Sunny's coat is the best its looked in a long time (He's an old man but has never had a health problem!). Sassy is back to her hyper and no doubt strange self.

I know Nutro is not on the list of "Good" Cat foods. It's on the "o.k." list. But I am really trying to improve my cats diet and Ive noticed a good change. I had to convince my mom, who had been told otherwise by vets in the past, that wet food is important. I know what to look for in cat food now. Hopefully once I start working I will find a place that sells some of the top brands and try those.

Anyway, thanks for reading.
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For most of us NUTRO is a high end food ... it is in my BEST of the common avail ones

glad it is working for you

You can find some good to very good wets at big box stores ( pet).. just hollar and I will dig the link up
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I also consider Nutro good (and expensive) food. I feed my cat both wet and dry, from the Max Cat and Natural Choice lines, and he seems to do well on it... which isn't easy, considering that he has a few health problems.

The ingredients are excellent, and the cat seems to approve of the taste.
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My cats are doing well on Nutro too. We're using Max kibble because for some reason they got tired of/stopped eating Natural Choice. My crew is liking Max Adult (roasted chicken) mixed with the Senior formula until we run out of adult. They also get wet food (fancy feast & meow mix). I fed the adult for several years when they were younger too. Of all the dry foods (and we've tried a lot), they always have seemed to like Nutro Max best.

My cats are also looking great and frisking about on Nutro.
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Another Nutro supporter here! Since switching Roxie is looking her all time best. Everyone is always asking us how we get her fur so soft. It's our little secret

And I know the wet was recalled but it was only the small cans & pouches and I believe from what I've read here that Nutro sold the company so they are canned somewhere different now. None of the larger cans have wheat gluten anways, only the small ones (from what I've noticed).
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