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I am so tired of all this...I just want it to stop

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I know my issues get tiresome at times but ya'll are the only people I have outside of the hubby I can talk to.

I will preface this that I should know by the end of the week if I will get some medical assistance for my TOM issues. I called the head agency and they are processing the paper work and should have an answer by the end of the week.

I know I have only been dealing with this issue for what 2 months. But right now I am tired of dealing with all this. Its adding way way to much stress in my life. Stress that quite frankly I just don't need. And I know that some women have dealt with this issue a lot longer and I feel their pain but I can not take this. One way or another I will have a hysterectomy (partial) done between now and income tax time. I can not deal with this for years like my mom did.

TMI to follow for some......

I firmly believe I do have a fibroid even if none of these doctors as of yet have done an ultrasound. I did have that one doctor say he felt swelling above my cervix but did not say for sure it was a fibroid. But I honestly believe it is. As I noted before I started bleeding again after 19 days on loestrin24. They told me to take 2 a day for 3 days to stop the bleeding. And that worked it stopped the bleeding for 2 days. Last night I started bleeding again. Not very heavy but noticeable bleeding. Here is what I honestly believe is happening. 1.Either the fibroid is swelling on the high doses of BC and stopping the blood flow (or stops the uterus from shedding whats left) and when I go back to a regular dose the swelling goes down and I stop bleeding again. 2. Or it could be vice versa because I do not fully understand how this fibroid thing works. For me all I need to know is something is there and it is causing me to bleed when I should not and I am sick and tired and stressed from this.

All in all I just want the surgery. I want all these issues to just stop. My tubes are tied I have come to the point where I know no more kids are gonna come. So taking the last step is not a big leap. Just do it already because I am so tired of all of this stuff. Just make it stop already. I can not take anymore of this.
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You are not being tiresome! Having experienced decades of endometriosis, multiple miscarriages/stillbirths, and a hysterectomy in my late 40s, I can really sympathize. At some point, you just figure enough is enough. I've been lucky enough to have comprehensive health insurance to cover most of the bills, which I know you haven't had the pleasure of, so complain away - if necessary, by PM. I really feel for you. Hang in there!
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We are so happy to listen and provide a little moral support -- don't ever worry about that. I know how frustrating it is just to have a normal cycle... I can't imagine having it go on almost nonstop like this. I hope they can just go ahead and put an end to this for you soon!
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Let it all out!!!

I'm afraid I don't know anything about fibroid so I can't advise.

Anything abnormal that happens with the body is tiresome, it doesn't matter how long it goes on for, (even normal things are tiresome)

I hope your doc's can come up with something soon to get you out of this.

Lots of love coming your way
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Thanks for the support everyone. When I started bleeding last night I said that was it. I can not take this for months and months or years and years before anyone will do anything. Somehow someway I will get this done. There is one doctor that will do the surgery for 1500 (her fee) and has you sign a paper that will help with the hospital costs on that end. I just can not handle the stress of this.
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Ping, I hope they do a full hysterectomy and quick.

I had a fibroid tumor on my cervix and it did not hurt and there was no bleeding. I remember the Doctor cauterizing it in his office. This was many years ago.

You are in my prayers kiddo.
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Everyone just keep your fingers crossed that I get good news at the end of the week and that I am approved. I looked at their guidelines and I see no reason why I shouldn't be.

But if I am I do have a back up plan though this doctor can not do the surgery tho. But through several programs I heard about through them and others I should be able to get some help if I am constant on finding help.
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Ping, I understand what you are going through. I started bleeding and then I would take the pills the doctor gave me to stop the bleeding. As soon as the pills were gone the bleeding would start again. In my case it was cervical cancer. I had the tip of the cervix removed cryogenically and 8 years later had our lovely daughter.

When daughter was 3 years old, I started having problems again and my cancer specialist (whom I was seeing yearly for a checkup) asked if I were planning more children. I told him my family doctor advised against it and he suggested he do a complete hysterectomy on me. He said that if he only did a partial, he would have to go in again and get the ovaries as they seemed to get cysts on a monthly basis. I had the complete hysterectomy when I was around 37 and I have never looked back. After the years of painful periods and problems, I had gained a freedom from pain that was wonderful.

Get the medical help you need and don't let them put you off. Do it now is my advice.
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I am working the best I can with the doctors around here. Its a hard road because I am surrounded by small rural towns around me. So there are not many doctors around here to get much help. Even when my mom went through this when I was 12 it was very hard for her to get help around here (she lives on county over). She went to doctor after doctor for several years to no avail. Each one said there was nothing they could do. Finally she went to a health dept. in complete desperation because her fibroid grew to the point she looked 5 months pregnant. They not knowing where to send her to sent her to a medical college in Augusta (my son has had 2 surgeries there). This doctor finally got it and almost immidently(sp) sent her in for a hysterectomy. They had or have some program that covered her cost because she also had no insurance.

At any rate if I get denied (and I see no reason I should be) I will presue another avenue.
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I hope the news you receive will bring you at least some mental relief.
There has to be some sort of program available to you for costs.
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I don't blame you for venting!! I'm sure even the people that have dealt with this for years (as you mentioned) started venting about how tired they are of it. It's only part of human nature.

Good luck with the news and I hope that everything works out (in your favor!) so that you don't have to worry about back up plans.
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Vent all you want! I hope you're feeling better soon!
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I also do not blame you for venting! It's good to get it out! I will pray you can get this settled very soon!
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I hope that you find relief and a doctor to listen to you. It's your body and you know what is best for you and your health.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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