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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl View Post
Did you see the story on there the other day about the boy in Saskatoon that was 'decapitated' and lived?!
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I love The Shadowlands! I read the ghost stories there a lot but I get too freaked out by them
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
I love The Shadowlands! I read the ghost stories there a lot but I get too freaked out by them
I haven't read any of the stories on there in ages. I've been lurking for 7-8 years now, ever since I got my own computer and an internet connection. The webmaster's own story really helped put me at ease that other people deal with what I was going through... and that it could have always been worse. But yeah, don't read that stuff at night, in the dark. Or while in a weird house to begin with.

I never have gotten around to registering and sharing my own story, maybe someday.
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i like:

(although i won't post links for those two as we're not supposed to.)

plain brown tabby
i love to learn as much as i can about fish...etc... so is one of my favs!
martha stewarts website- i always get good ideas from there for the house!
better homes & gardens -
LUSH- oh my goodness that site gets me in trouble- i want to order
cooking light- they have AWESOME recipes!
and of course
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Thank you everybody! I think I won't be bored for weeks to come!
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I have a lot of sites I love to get on.
Myspace...cos I'm dorky like that - a site for urban exploration - best news site ever - yet again I'm a dork - my boyfriends car club

And the BEST BEST BEST site for random toys, and random items:
and for cheap things
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I visit alot of freebie sites plus i do PSP (Paint Shop Pro)
post #39 of 44 - people post their secrets there anonymously. - people put their finds there. - he makes fun of celebrities. He is so mean, I love it! - I read the ghost stories. - I play the new bingo luau when I am bored. - has some funny stuff - great photoshop stuff!
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I go to these sites.

http://annemccaffreyfans/forums This is a website for the author, Anne McCaffrey. I am know as Dragonwarden on this site. - a game site know as Kttywrdn on this one. a trivia game site. - a garden forumn I am know as flowerguesser there. - most know what this one is.

I also have myspace but I want break rules and list this one.
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lets see,
BBC, foxnews, japanese news

world of warcraft(still read the forums there but dont post anymore)
several shooting and reloading sites(which i would guess not many people where would care to know) site for those living in indoensia stock trading, lol yes i double as a day trader.,13324,,00.htm
next are a couple of flying sites

hmm i also have tons of computer information sites,
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Original stories that you can read and review. I got one in progress there.
Fan-fic stories only. There's a LOT of funny Harry Potter parodies there!
An internet radio that searches for songs/artists that are similar to the one you request. Your own personal DJ, really.
Cheapest gas prices with the help of Google interactive maps.
TV Links, I like to watch some old shows and movies there.
post #44 of 44 (i just lurk) (been reading about all the old TV shows I used to watch)
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