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Other Sites You Like?

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I'm sick and I'm bored. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some other interesting sites. If It's a forum and you write your username, I'll put that you referred me if I join.

After TCS, these are some sites I like (SwampWitch on all):

The Onion




Thanks for any suggestions!
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I just go on here and petfinder. I mostly lurk on petfinder. I only get on at work though.
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I like to read (sometimes daily, sometimes not)

My hubby got me hooked on:

Daily I like to read:

I used to like the About.com cat forums and frugal living, but it freaks out on my internet connection alot. So I don't read there very often.

Today I've been reading:
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I'm a car girl, so most of the other sites I visit are those.

Fav car site:
www.3rdgen.org <-- where I met my fiance!

Non car site:
I love www.offtopic.com - that can keep you busy for hours on end.
My username there is SpectraRedZ

TCS is the only other site I really visit these days.
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Have you checked out www.verdantforums.com? It's definetly not as busy as it is here, but I like reading the articles and such!
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You guys are all so real! I'm just now seeing that all my sites are fiction or escapist (except for this and the Mac one).

I'm checking out all the sites. So far, I like the Tom Paine one.
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Originally Posted by mybabyphx View Post
Have you checked out www.verdantforums.com? It's definetly not as busy as it is here, but I like reading the articles and such!
Oh, yeah, I'm there! I've posted some pics of our back garden.
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I have a few daily tabs I hit at least once a day:

-facebook and myspace (yeah, i'm not proud of it, but i'm not going to lie...)
-the food/cooking and wallpaper forums on a site
-Wooster Collective
and of course: TCS!
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Operator 11... I just joined yesterday


Deviant Art...


Game Sloth...

Smashing Games...

and sometimes Myspace
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You mean there's other sites besides TCS?!
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
Oh how I needed that one today.
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www.pottersworld.net - a fantastic Harry Potter roleplaying game for writers of all levels and ages
http://z11.invisionfree.com/Age_of_Patronus/index.php - another growning Role Play site
www.deviantart.com - art site...
http://themcsorleys.com/users/oekaki/oekaki/ - and oekaki board
http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php - a graphic making site. (This is where I learned EVERYTHING I know about making sigs! It's fantastic! I recommend it highly for all of you siggy makers out there.)
http://petfinder.com/ - I'm always there searching for pets.
http://thecatsite.com/forums/ - a terriffic site with helpful, informative, and FUN members!!
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Let's see...Gmail, Myspace, The Animal Rescue Site , CNN, Yahoo, WJZ (local news for me), Happynews.com...and a few others!
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I'm joined to Reptile forums uk.

It's good if you like exotics!
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www.fark.com Love this site
Our local news site
x-Entertainment (not what it sounds like )
And two Fleetwood Mac forums I frequent
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Besides TCS .... Myspace, facebook, livejournal, my email, cnn, and local news sites ..
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Ah I forgot ohnotheydidnt

http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/ (Celeb gossip)... what can I say, Im a sucker for garbage.
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I go on
www.prodoggroomingsupplies.com/dog-forums -- Very good dog forum.

www.cafemom.com -- Kinda like a myspace for moms

www.pagannation.com -- For pagans obviously. I don't go on it much anymore though but there's some nice people.

www.horseland.com -- Kind of a silly game I do.

www.allrecipe.com -- I like to look up new recipe's based on what type of meat I plan to cook for the day.

There's a cat type Myspace but I guess I shouldn't post that one. PM me if you want the link.

BTW my username is the same for all of them.
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www.wsvn.com - local news
www.Canestime.com - college football site for the Miami Hurricanes
www.Finheaven.com - football site for the Miami Dolphins
www.WDWmagic.com - Disney World site
www.storm2k.org - Weather site
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Well this could be a very long list so I'll just keep it down to the few that I visit the most.

And obviously TCS
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Other sites besides this one!??

Umm actually I belong to a pit bull forum, a womens forum and a bird forum.
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I'm sorry you're sick! Here are some places I visit...

Great political site by the DH of a TCS member: http://www.dubyad40.com/

Nice crossword site: http://www.bestcrosswords.com/bestcrosswords/Home.page

Great forum for guitarists: http://gretschpages.com/forum/

Terrific word game: http://www.java.com/en/games/desktop/tumblebees.jsp

Quick no-registration hearts game: http://vex.net/hearts/

Hey... we could play hearts together, come to think of it! PM me sometime and we'll meet there!
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http://www.gardenweb.com/ garden questions on millions of plants

http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/snitz/ farm and animals and gardens and etc.

http://www.susunweed.com/weedforum/index.php herbal healing

http://www.hpathy.com/homeopathyforums/default.asp homeopathy

http://www.soapdishforum.com/forum/ soapmaking

Just a lurker at these! Don't have any time to post, although I do make time for catsite.com!
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lets see.....

www.jigzone.com for jigsaw online puzzles
www.hostalibrary.org to id those hostas??? (once you reach 200 some start looking alike!!)
www.pumpkinnook.com-for Atlantic Giant pumpkin fanatics.
www.timberpress.com-they publish the best horticulture books.
www.epicurious.com-why buy Gourmet and Bon Appetite magazines-here are their recipes!!
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I check this forum daily http://www.reptilerooms.com/PNphpBB2+main.html Easy to spot me and guess where I mainly post.

And this site http://kingsnake.com/
But mostly in this section http://forums.kingsnake.com/forum.php?page=1&catid=30
It also has forums for several other types of animals, insects, and aquariums.

Stormy's critter forum http://stormy96.proboards81.com/

Lurk, but not joined to http://theshadowlands.net/ghost/ or it's board http://pub70.ezboard.com/btheshadowlandsmessageboard

Lurk to find interesting music recommendations or just general amusement (and also for the more deeper threads) http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/

Most lurk around, but am registered to http://www.healthboards.com/boards/index.php
(Reading through the back problem section last night because I was nervous about the ct and mri scans I had today, and found a great tip - take pain and muscle relaxers before scans - otherwise laying there would be even more painful)

The rest are information sites like;

http://www.chelonia.org/ -turtle/tortoise info
http://www.tortoisetrust.org/ -more turtle/tortoise info
http://www.greenigsociety.org/foodchart.htm and http://www.beautifuldragons.503xtrem...Nutrition.html - for reptile nutrition, usually going to those sites to double check and help others
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I've regularly visited http://weirdbabe.typepad.com/threadbared/ for some time. It's brilliant for making fun of crazy craft projects and weird stuff in general. Unfortunately they're no longer updating the site, but it's fun to browse through the old posts.
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BB forum and a "friend" forum. I have a potty mouth and can speak freely at these boards.
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
Ah I forgot ohnotheydidnt

http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/ (Celeb gossip)... what can I say, Im a sucker for garbage.
I used to have that on my friends list but the number of entries posted every day killed my friends page! The drama there was interesting, though.
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