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They say bad things happen in 3's...

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They always say bad things happen in three's I've heard. I hope that is true, because I don't think I can stand for another crappy thing to happen this week.

1st: On Sunday Rob & I saw a house we liked in the listings our realtor friend sent us earlier that day, so we made an appointment with her for Monday at 6:30 to look at the house. Monday night I was about to leave work when I saw an email from her telling us that the house has been off the market for sometime now, the listing agent just never removed it from the MLS. We were quite angry about that, we were excited to look. Earlier the day before, we had found out the first house we wanted to look at was already under contract, so we thought we'd actually get to see this one.

2nd: I was hunting down the recreation department's number for the Charleston parks so I could apply for a permit to get married at White Point Gardens/the Battery. That is the place I've wanted to be married at since December 2005 - the first time I visited it. At the bottom of the page, it said that White Point Gardens and Waterfront Park (a 2nd option), were limited to 25 attendees, including bride and groom, due to city ordinance. But it is a public park, so I'm not understanding this! If 100 people can randomly walk through the park, why can a wedding have no more than 25?! I called Rob to tell him about this, and he sounded really upset. Which brings me to the 3rd crappy event in 2 days.

3rd: Tigger passed away this morning at the vet's office. Rob started to cry while telling me, and said he actually wasn't going to let me know until later because everytime he mentions it, he cries a bit. Plus, we both were at work. She went into cardiac arrest and they couldn't save her. They said she was responding well to the I-131 treatment (why we brought her there yesterday), she was eating well, excreting without a problem. Her radiation-roommate was also a cat named Tigger, who was 16. They said our Tigger was calm, collected, and very well behaved while she was there. They took x-rays when she began breathing funny, and noticed a lot of fluid around her lungs. They tried to drain some of it, but that was when she went into cardiac arrest. They attributed the fluid to heart disease or possibly a cancer that has gone unnoticed. We get her back in 80 days, they have to let the radiation go down. I'm in disbelief. I cry just thinking about how she will not be waiting for us ever again. She was Rob's baby-kitty, he's had her since 1993. I feel guilty because she was so happy and loving and alive on Monday when we brought her to the vet. We just said bye and we'd see her Friday or Saturday, with a nice scratch on the head. This wasn't supposed to happen to her.

I really hope things start looking up soon. I feel so drained. I left work at 11am. Luckily everyone understands why and urged me to leave. I had offers left and right for people to finish what I was doing in the lab so I could go. I just want to lay down and bawl with Rob. I know he is trying to be strong and hold himself together, but I know as soon as we get home he will probably just let it go, she meant so much to him. It hurts so much, I've almost forgotten how badly, it's been a little over 4 years since the last time I dealt with one of my fur-babies dying. And it hurts to see Rob hurting so much.

Everything just sucks so much right now.
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Sounds like youve had a pretty rotten time. But things will start to look up!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tigger.
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Aww we hope you two will feel better

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It does happen in three's, so you've had your fair share from the sounds of things
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Ohhh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand you must be going through a tough time right now. If you ever just want to talk, send me a PM!

Keep your chin up, it has to get better from here....
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Ugh, this is just making me want to lay down and cry for hours. She was like our kid. Neither of us actually wants skin-kids, just fur-babies. Now Rob's boss is being a jerk to him, making him do all this extra building in the shop. He's miserable.

His boss isn't a cat person - on Sunday night he told Rob he should just have Tigger put to sleep if she was going to cost us $890. I hope he feels like a royal butt now! But it's not stopping him from making Rob have to build another pump and put off the work he was planning on getting done today. Apparently him spending $3,000 on a dog was okay (that ended up being put down right afterwards), but not us spending $900 on Tigger. I said Rob should tell him that my family spent over $2,500 on one of our cats in 2003 only to have him be put down because it was incurable. And I would spend it again in a heartbeat.

I don't want to go to psychology class tonight either. Blah. That class already makes me groan (why did I take it this semester??), and I just doubt I can sit through it tonight.

The two of us want another cat, but I think we are both silently agreeing it is WAY too soon to even think of. We've always talked about getting more. My friend at work, who was next to me when I found out and hugged me for a really long time when I told her, offered her almost-2-yr old cat, Pocahontas, to us. For a few months earlier this summer she had offered us some kittens one of her cats had, but we weren't able to take them because we didn't want to disrupt Tigger's life with them. His eyes sort of lit up when I mentioned my friend's cat, but I could see the sadness in them as well. I do know, and is the same with all cats, she will never be "replaced". With my previous cats, we had gotten Chassis about 2 weeks after the death of one, and Caliper a day before the death of another. I guess it would be different for everyone though. I don't want to feel like a b---h for thinking about us getting another cat in the future.

Whenever we get our house, we planned on getting two kittens since Tigger was so adjusted to life in the home she lived in for 14 years and we didn't want to disrupt her familiarness with where she was all that time. I dont know what we will do now, it sucks to think of how lonely tonight will be. My other 3 cats are in North Carolina. My dad joked they would send Tailpipe to us, but he is petrified of me and Rob (mainly because we are rarely around there), and isn't much of a lover-cat. Plus, my mom HAD to have him when she saw him, so I doubt she'd be a fan of letting him go.

So now I have to figure out what type of home we want to build, if his dad finally agrees to sell us land (we have until December 10th to get a house started if we want it done by wedding-time). I also have to figure out another place to get married because I believe there is more than 25 people attending from Rob's side of the family alone (I have 3!). And I have to keep myself from bawling my eyes out every time I see one of the millions of pictures of Tigger we have at our house (she was definitely a supermodel! haha).
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I'm really, really sorry to hear about Tigger. You've had a rough time in the last little while. I'm hoping this is the end and that things will just get better now.

I understand how you both feel about Tigger. When Bijou was missing for 4 days last week, our hearts were breaking not knowing if he was dead or alive. As my hubby said through his tears, Bijou is like a human baby to us and only someone who loves their pet like that would understand.
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Oh, Tara, Rob, and family:

I am so, so sorry about your sweet girl Tigger -- my deepest condolences go out to you all. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly -- no one knows why, and it hurts -- but in time, I hope you will all be able to feel that at least she is not suffering, and you will always have her in your hearts until you meet with her again. It is never easy losing a beloved one; I have been there many, many times, sometimes unexpectedly as you now are going through. I hope you can memorialize her in a wonderful way, such as making a memory book for her, planting a beautiful plant on her resting place (or if you opt for cremation, just planting a plant in her memory, a living tribute to her), and/or possibly adopting another deserving cat and saving another life, the greatest tribute there can ever be to the memory of a loved one.

Know you are all in our prayers and thoughts, and those of everyone here at TCS, I'm sure.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there .
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I like the idea of planting something in her memory. I am not sure if we are going to bury her or have her cremated yet. If we bury her, it will be near where we plan on building our home if we acquire the land from Rob's dad. If we cremate her, we'll have the box by our bed (my mom has two of our previous cats cremated and next to her bed with collars on top).

I am so livid right now ... Rob's boss had come in and said "Sorry about your cat. But you have to realize she was probably about 107 years old." I didn't think that was so horrible until I was talking to Rob and he told me the first thing out of his boss' mouth when Rob got the call.

"I told you so."

I am SO mad right now about that. I cannot believe he would say that to Rob, especially seeing as Rob was in tears when he was telling me (as I am sure he was when he found out, too).
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I'm so sorry about everything, especially Tigger. I hope things start looking up for you. For now here are some positive and big
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry your beautiful Tigger is gone.
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You have had your share of unlucky breaks recently haven't you.

When we went looking for homes to buy (back in 1987) we went through two realtors as no one could get it in their head what are requirements were. We ended up buying our home directly from the owner!

I am sorry to read about your cats passing. A couple of years ago I had a stray I took in that had to have emergency surgery but ended up sick a couple of months later and I had PTS. My supervisor at the time normally a uncaring type of guy let me take off early when Tommie was PTS and not come back the rest of the day. I know his boss if he knew would not have been pleased. Not much one can do about some people's attitudes about cats and dogs.

I hope your wedding plans work out somehow and that things start looking up for the both of you.
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Today is slightly better. Rob was a mess last night, and it broke my heart to see him that way. He kept saying he wanted his kitty back, which made me cry harder. There's so many memories of her in our room - her treats, pictures, the mat by our door that we said was for her because it said "One Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here", etc. I found out today also that a guy who works in my department also left early yesterday because he had to get his cat PTS. He looked about as crappy as I felt today. Rob told his mom that there will be two little kittens at the house in the future, because he cant wait until we get married in February to have more kitties in his life.

As for the wedding plans, we have decided to send out invitations with "To Be Announced" as the location. We want to see how many people are actually going to show up at the ceremony on the Tuesday. If it is less than 23, we can still have it at either of the beautiful parks I would like it at. If it is more, then we have to start searching. We only know of about 12 people for sure right now.

The housing stuff, eh. I've just become aggravated with it. Our realtor is actually a friend of ours, and has been before she ever even went to real estate school. She does send us a lot of listing that dont match our criteria (ie: Double wide/single wide manufactured homes are not among it, but 98% of the listings we've gotten from her are just that). Rob said he will feel bad if his dad gives us the land, because then our friend wont have gotten anything from us after all her help looking these last few months. But heck, as long as I have some land to build a house on, I really dont care! We have our fingers crossed on that one, that his dad will agree finally and sell us some of the land. We will most likely find out this weekend about it.

Since my 3 crappy things have happened this week, I bought some PowerBall tickets on my way to get Rob, and two scratch offs. So far, I won $1 in the scratch offs! I felt bad because the one I gave Rob wasn't a winner, and the one I had done was. I think it would have cheered him up just a little. I told him he could have that one, since I have another $1 winner at home haha. My horoscope (which I'm not really a believer in, but I thought it was ironic, since I was already planning on playing PowerBall tonight, since everyone says I'm due to get lucky), had told me that I will come into some cash today. Hmmm.

Oh I hope things start climbing back upwards soon! Right now we are just brushing ourselves off and standing up again.
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