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Kitty jumps in the middle of my back.

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I have a 9 month old neutered male Bombay. He is a very loving kitty but he jumps in the middle of my back unexpectedly. He just wants to sit on my shoulders to get a better view of what I am doing. He does this usually when I am at the cabinets doing dishes or when he wants attention. It is unexpected and I don't know when he is going to do it. It would be hard to spray him because he is in the middle of my back. Any suggestions on a Humane way to keep him from doing this. Hate to resort to wearing a kitty-proof vest while at home. By the way, he is an inside only kitten with another brother to play with. Gets plenty of exercise and plenty of personal time with us (humans).
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My 5 1/2 month old male Siamese, Hercules, climbs up to my shoulder when I'm getting his food. Did you ever give your kitten shoulder rides? Hercules goes to PetsMart and doesn't move from my shoulder. Next time he does it, take him off of your back, CAREFULLY, put him on the ground and tell him no. If he just wants to be high up, maybe a tall scratching post near the kitchen wear he can watch you! I don't know what else to say, but good luck!
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He definitely has a thing about being ON you a lot. He is a real "lap cat". Whenever I sit, he is right there on my lap, upside down, and snoring away. The only time that he really leaves you is to go and thrash that brother of his (have to keep him in line) or to explore a paper bag, or to attack one of over 35 fuzzy "monsters" of thiers or a new cardboard box (I pitch down the 12pk soda cartons with one half the top torn out). They will get inside and stalk each other. When I leave them and come home, he will meet me at the door and bow his back and turn sideways and walk towards me then swipe away at my legs. He does the sideways "catwalk" when he is playing with his brother too. I don't think he is being aggressive. Just being a cat in his nature. He is also VERY vocal when he wants something. He was the runt of his litter and is smaller. 6lbs. compared to his brother 8 lbs. When they play he is the dominant one though, usually the chaser. Don't know if this helps in understanding his personality or not.
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I have 2 Siamese males who does this to my hubby,They did this to me 1 time,I screeched really loud and jumped up & done,they got so scared and have not done it since! But Ted lets them do it to him,after a shower because he wears a thick terry robe,they know they can only do it at this time. Cats are not stupid. My 2 female Siamese& other male Siamese have never done this to either of us.Gotta love em!
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My siamese cat loves to do that. She's clawed at my brother's back a few times, but she's never clawed at my back. She'll just climb onto something and then land on my shoulder. O.O Shes acrobatic.
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LOL Sorry but the visual makes me laugh. Next time this happens, remove him off your back carefully and then place him on his back on the floor.Put your hand on his tummy firmly tell him "NO!" firmly and hold him (even if he struggles) for no longer than 3 seconds.NO MORE than that time, then let him go. Two or three times tops and he will not do it anymore. What a character he is!
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Just wanted to let you know what your advice has done to my poor cat.
He jumped on my back and I promptly took him off my back, set him in the floor, and told him No!, bad kitty. He sulled up, let out a screeching REE-EE-OWWW! Stuck his little tail straight up in the air and RAN and got into his little play box. He WOULD NOT come out. I finally felt guilty and got him out about 15 minutes later and he wouldn't even look at me. He wanted down and he ran and got BACK in the box. LOL I left him for another 15 minutes or so and then opened his brother and him a can of tuna fish and brought him out and put him down in front of the food bowl. He ate but wouldn't look at me and ignored me. We are on speaking terms now but I still don't think he has forgiven me. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. He won't even play with his little remote controlled car, "mouse". (One of the little micro R/C cars and a blast for them both, would HIGHLY recommend it to any cat owners.) He is sleeping now and I am sure he will be a little more forgiving in the morning.
Thought I would share that with you.
Thanks for all the help, pops39@bellsouth.net
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I have 3 cats and two insists on jumping on my back/shoulder and riding on me all the time.

In the beginning when they were kittens, they would claw their way up my legs shredding my legs to pieces but since then, they have grown and now can jump directly onto my back/shoulder. They would do this at least 2-3 times per day.

When they started doing this, I tried everything- squirting back at their backs, standing near a cat tree to get them to jump off my back, yelling, and pressing my back lightly against a wall. I couldn't pull them off since I live alone and if I tried to reach them, they'd scoot to a place on my back where I can't reach or touch them OR claw their way up to my head. I stopped doing that due to the pain of them using claws! Fortunately, they scratch much less now.

I have given up now however they don't stay on longer than half an hour or so.

One other thing- sometimes both of them would jump on my back and would wrestle with each other and try to push each other off! It's really funny.
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Hey pops? I guess he really took issue at not being the dominant cat in the household any more. Sorry, hope I didn't make your back jumping kitty neurotic.
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Luckily, my two kitties aren't shoulder or back kitties! However,my youngest, Roger, likes to be carried a lot! Maybe someone should come up with a pet harness like they have for babies...

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Ronnie was a little monster and would take flying leaps onto my back when I was bending over or crouching down. One day I was digging up some weeds in the front garden, crouching down to get at them - Ronnie does a flying leap from the other end of the garden landing with full claws into my back. Did I scream!! She has never jumped onto my back again. I think she was more shocked than me.

Good luck with the training.
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He is fine today, just as loving and sweet as ever. I think we are on the right track with the discipline. Did not realize it was that effective to him. LOL He helped me around the house and even helped me to assemble some furniture. He and his brother have chased each other around the house for about an hour, shredded a brand new roll of TP together in my bathroom floor. LOL! Got a couple of naps out of the way and they are both good to go. He climbed with his front paws on my pants leg and meowed loudly this morning while I was doing dishes and I picked him up and put him on the cabinet beside me so he could see and we were both fine. THANK YOU HISSY! and everyone for their advice. I think that it was just what we were needing.
appreciatively, pops39@bellsouth.net
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