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catting around

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I have two females. Both one year old. Each day I let them outside for a few hours. I am usually either out the whole time or in and out constantly. One cat stays close to home on our porch or in the backyard in the wooded area. The other one (she is actually 9 months old) insists on going down the street three houses to stalk the neighbors birdfeeders. She has about 4 birdfeeders in her sideyard!! She also has gone to the bathroom in a nieghbors planting area where they have never put any plants, just mulch. I don't want to keep her in constantly, but what other choice is there?
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Its purrfectly fine to keep your kitties indoors but just supervise them when they are outside. If possible, buy/make some type of enclosure so you know where they are at all times. There are smaller enclosures so the cats won't wander & you know where they are but they will still have fun.

You can keep your cats indoors more often as long as you know they have activities they are interested in. Its great that you let them out, its good to let them get fresh air. Its not good that one of your cats wanders, it could come across bad people, & the neighbors may not like having a cat by their birdfeeders. An enclosure would be a good idea if that works out with your situation...There must be something that will work for you & your kitties!
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Keeping them in is safer. If not, get some bird feeders!! Guarenteed your kitty will stay home.
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1. Harness/leash train them.

2. Build or buy a cat enclosures.
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I'm building a screened porch!
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$33 later at Walmart. I bought 2 bird feeders and a stand and bird seed. I know nothing about birds, but hopefully she'll stay home now. We also have two hummingbird feeders. "Whoa is me" to the birds!
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You are CORRECT!!! I put out three bird feeders last week. Neither of my cats have left the yard since. They haven't even gone around to the front of the house! I did have a little bird problem Sat. though. I keep the sliding door open about 6 inches for the cats to go in and out. A little bird came walking up to my sliding door. On the INSIDE. I guess he had walked in earlier. I had to put a blanket over it and bring it outside.
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I cannot believe what you've done. How can you live with yourself knowing you'll be the reason so many beautiful birds die just to keep your cat from being bored!
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