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What's with all this Hissing!

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So, Kitto finally came downstairs and joined the herd. He is so playful, and tries to play with all the other cats. It looks like they are having fun, if I didnt hear all this hissing! They sound mad, but they keep playing with him! What is going on? Is it bad?

Kitto trying to make friends
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Hissing is purrfectly natural...unless it gets out of hand. There is a difference between a mean hiss & a play hiss. They are probably just playing.

Our cats play & hiss at each other too. Just another way of expressing themselves. If Kitto is fairly new to the household, they are probably just getting used to him. As long as your cats don't hurt each other, then everything should be fine.

Thanks for sharing your cats photo! Great photo! Can't wait to see more photos of your furry family
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well they all have claws so if they wanted to hurt him they could, I guess. It sounds so crazy, but it does look like play!
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If your cats really wanted to hurt him - they already would have. The two cats in the photo should be friends someday - the paw on the head looks friendly.

So don't worry about the hissing right now. So no worries unless it starts getting to the point of fighting. If one of your cats gets a little too mean with Kitto, just separate them & let them cool off. You could tell if your other cats didn't really like Kitto, but luckily that behaviour in that photo is just playing...
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Awwww, hissing is so cute when its not agressive!
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Really? They look friendly? Thanks, I couldn't tell. Kitto has only been here 6 weeks, and has only been coming out of his room for about 2 weeks. I knew I was keeping him from the first day I found him, so I am really hoping they do become friends. Thanks for the input, you guys are great.
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Just check if they're using claws--they don't do that in play unless they haven't had a chance to grow up with a momcat & siblings. Claws are a bad sign. So is a cat that's defensive--standing sideways with fur puffed up, hissing.

If a cat doesn't want to play, it will usually dart off somewhere at the first opportunity to get away from the boisterous cat who does want to play.
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