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Very Important News!!!

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This is for the members that wish to participate in the Feline Valentine Day thread!

Hissy has very kindly offered the following!

Mary Anne will be happy to lend her poeticness to the Valentine Day cards etc for members if they would like her to come up with a valentine poem for the two cats.

BUT it will cost you $5.00 to use her ability and she will be sending all of the money to the PHOENIX FUND in Israel. It will all go to the shelter that Anne is involved in CWSI.

So for those of you that wish to take advantage of this offer please give Hissy plenty of time in which to do your poems! The cut off date for registering your love sick furbabies is the 14th January and you will receive you matches with in 24 hours.
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Sounds GREAT!!!

I'm interested.

Now,....I know..I know....this maybe a dumb question but: $5.00 U.S? And is so, can I send Canadian funds that equal that amount?
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Yes you can, as it is all going to go to help save the cats in Israel. I am not sure what it is you guys are doing, but if anyone is interested in this offer- send me the traits of the two kitties paired up, and their favorite activities via PM or email. Once I get them, I'll put my ditty together and send it to the person making the card.
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Okay...I'll wait and see who I am paired with.

I'll do the $$$ convesion and send it off this week.
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How do I do this? When I find out who my furbabies are paired off, then what do I do?
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I don't think the pairs are done yet, but I'm in!!!!!

So... three cats is $15? I'm happy to do it for such a good cause!!!!!

I already have to send MaryAnne a check for my listing on meowhoo.com - good reason to put it all in one envelope!

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Thought I'd help ya out a bit!
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Basically how I will work this is once you are paired up- the person making the card- send me via email the traits of both cats and the funny things or strange things they do. Once I have an idea of what the cats are all about, I will do up the poem send it to you and you can use it however you want with whatever artwork pleases you.

Just for an example I will use two of my cats:

Squirrel- female long hair grey- loves to bring walnuts in from the yard, races around the house, jumps up and drops the magnets off the refrigerator on a daily basis.Very possessive of any toys with feathers

Kahuna- male- siamese-lynxpoint mix- very mellow- laid back- loves belly rubs and to lick my nose- very talkative.

So say these two were paired up-and Kahuna (being the male is sending the female a valentine)

Squirrel my dear, you're such a find-
On Valentines, won't you be mine?
I know you're nuts, and that's fine too
I'd love to rub my nose to you.

You have a magnetic personality
And that is wonderful don't you see?
I'd love to get my paws on you
And tell you that I love Mew too!

Ok okay but it was only done is what 6 seconds- lol but you get the idea------
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*ahem* Sorry Hissy!!! That poem really is so cute! You are such a marvel!!!
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I just corrected my spelling error---lol
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I'm Sorry but I am still laughing over that one! My tummy hurts! It was priceless!!!!!!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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*Bump* Again!!

Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc!

It's your last chance!!!!!!!! Mwahhhahahahha!!!

Needed :tounge2: red hot blooded males!!! Caling all males!!!
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*Bump* Again!!
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