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What changed ? I have some very good news its an update on the guys thread

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Okay now I am even more confused. A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine whom I am attracted to he told me he sees me in a friend/sister way well I told him that even though he said this I was attracted to him and that he was cute anyway. Well we hung up and he said he was thinking man that took alot of guts.

Well he sent me a couple of messages and it was kind of a hit and miss thing were when I finally got his messages he was in bed or vise versa. Well Sunday we talk online for a bit he then gets booted offline well he lost my number so when he gets online he tells me about telling a friend of his about me.

Well he asks for my number and I give it to him and he attempts to call me but I was online so he sends me a message and says get off your computer for a minute. Well I did and we talked for 7 1/2 hours not counting the three we had talked online and we talked about everything including the fact that he loves animals and he like me believes they are family and that they belong inside and in the beds with their loved ones and such as that, he has a manx and a bullmastiff.

Well he asked me out and I didn't really feel like going out so I said no but I told him I would another time. Well yesterday I was supposed to work but the scheduling got messed up so they told me I could have the day off. And I called him and asked him out well he says yes. And he tells me how that the reasons he became attracted to me was due to me telling him how cute he was and due to the fact that he says I am saucey wasn't sure at first what he meant and then he told me I was sassy and brassy. Which I already knew that and he tells me how hot I am. Well we went to the park last night and we talked for a while and he kissed me and he asked me if we could go out on Thursday and I said yes. He then says that he doesn't want to get to involved too fast but that he really likes me but we need to go out a few more times and see what happens. Well we stop to get some drinks and he holds my hand in the store and he asks if I am going to call and I said yes but I fell asleep and I forgot and when I woke I figured he was at work. Well he called me. And he told me how sexy I was and how he really enjoyed being with me last night.

So what changed I mean at first he wasn't attracted to me but he did like me as a friend and then when we went out he couldn't stop telling me how cute I was. See when we first met he kind of misread me he figured I was this dumb countrybumpkin. And then he talked to me and he was like wow she is really intelligent. And he said I was saucey and I am still not certain what he means. And he says I am sassy and I have an attitude and he thinks its really attractive and he thinks its attractive that I know I am all of these things. I really don't know what changed but I really had a good time last night.
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Guys are weird.
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I can tel lyou exactly what happend, Gail, you didn't fall all overself chasing after him, you played it cool. Guys are very intrigued by a woman who knows her own mind and is a bit elusive... they like to be the ones that chase!

Disclaimer- this only applies to most of the men I've met in my life so it's not a guarantee.... and being "elusive" does not mean "playing games"

ETA: and fostermom is right too, guys are weird
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That's right. You told him how you felt, but you didn't pry him and you weren't always available when he called or texted you. It always has been and always will be to the end of time that guys like a chase. Even if you're in a committed relationship like I am, you still have to get them excited once in a while, make them wonder where you are or who you're with.

Just keep the ball in your court and you can do what you want with him!
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I agree

Guys are weird!
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I don't know what it is about this guy when we talk have the time we are going stop copying me because we agree on so much stuff. And we both like one another and then last night he said he didn't want to jump into a relationship which I don't either and then when he called me today he was saying he didn't want to see anyone else which I took that to mean noone else had caught his attention. I just hope we keep everything going at the current pase its not too fast nor too slow. I can actually be myself around this guy I don't have to hold back due to worrying about talking over him, we have a lack of intelligent people in my area, nor do I have to worry about what I say because we agree on so much and when we don't we just agree to disagree. I am still not sure where this is going so I am playing it by ear.
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I think he just got to really thinking about you and maybe realize "hey this girl has me curious now" Hope things work out in a romantic way. You never know

In some ways its a good thing to be best friends which become more in the future. DH and I are best friends, lovers and husband/wife - all in one
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Guys are weird.
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