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Advantage - revolution or Frontline

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Hi all

I have been reading flea posts all mornin g, and I would like to know which treament you prefer and why

I have treated my cats with Advantage for the last 2 months, as well as done the normal, vaccuming, washing, carpets dust, etc.. and we keep getting fleas... NO major infestation, cause we are not getting eaten, but i keep finding fleas.. 2-4 a day.. ( which can lead to millions, I KNOW )

so.. I was wondwering which treatment you prefer, and I notice some people use Advantage every 2 weeks? the instructions say 4-5 weeks.. should I be using more often til problem is gone?

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YOU need to call a vet...
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"I" did call a VET.. they told me all i needed was the advantage treatment, and that would kill everything... the vet is where I got the Advantage.. and they cold me my cats weren't infested just a few fleas from what they saw & that was 2 months ago ) and this treatment was preventative...
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I do the Borax thing now once a year, in spring. Also, I have a water/vinegar mix in a spray bottle that I use whenever I see them scratching. I just squirt once on the back of their necks and once on the tail. They don't have any fleas, they did in spring/beginning summer.

I don't use any that you mentioned, they are drug-free. They are indoor also.

Don't put Advantage on every 2 weeks! Follow the directions.
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It takes 3 months to completely stop the flea cycle so you are on your way. I perfer Revolution. I did not feel Frontline killed fleas as long as Revolution. I have not tried Advantage.
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We use Revolution on Bijou and Advantage on Mika. Mika had a bit of a reaction to the Revolution, thus the change to Advantage. I would definitely not put on more than once per month.

Our vet carries both so I should think that you could talk to your vet about your concerns on whether Advantage is doing the job for you. Please don't be afraid to call your vet - after all they gave you the treatment so you have the right to ask questions. You are the customer so call them and discuss this problem with them. I would ask to speak to the vet though as the front office people often don't have the answers you are looking for.
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I don't know about Advantage but when I had a stray kitten this year my vet told me to put Revolution on the kitten again in 2 weeks. So possibly 2 weeks was recommended from her vet.
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I prefer Advantage, but have used Revolution. I know Advantage works wonders...It may just take a while to get them all gone..but they will be gone soon.
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I did read about someone using Advantage every 3 weeks, under the direction of her vet. She had a dog with a severe flea allergy, so it was important to keep the fleas completely gone.

I agree with the others that you just need to keep using the Advantage monthly. It takes 3 months to stop the flea's life cycle. It might speed things up if you also treat the house with Borax or DE.
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I like revolution, for around the same price as advantage or frontline you also prevent heartworm and kill roundworm and hookworm. Only problem/pain is that it's Rx only so it's not quite as convienent as the others.
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I prefer Advantage because it is what my vet recommended for my two renal failure cats (3 if you include my Angel Spooky.) I only need to apply it every 6 weeks or so, but I've never had an infestaton, just a few random fleas. I think momto3cats is correct in that it takes a couple of months to get through the entire flea cycle. However, it seemed to work nearly immediately for me.
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I use Frontline on my cats.
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