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Birkenstock anyone?

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I got a gift card on my b-day to use toward the shoes. I've narrowed down to milano & arizona. People always tell me how comfortable they are. Problem is, I have flat feet & the shoes need to have arch support. Will either of them provide a good arch support?
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I too have flat feet, Birkenstocks are comfy!
I have had both styles in the past loved both.

If you are new to Birks, I'd recommend you go with the Milano until your feet are accustomed to the toe grip, otherwise you're going to have some very tired and sore calf muscles (not that they won't be tired and sore at first anyway, but moreso without that heel strap)
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I have had a pair of Birkenstocks since early 1999. (a different style though).
I was looking for a pair of sandals to wear when I when on my first trip to England (2 week garden tour). I remember the store that I bought them at specialized in the upper end European sandals. The salesperson told me to buy them and wear them for at least three months before my trip so I could be used to them.
I do not have flat feet but was coming off foot surgery for bone spurs and have I have very limited flexibility of the big toe on my right foot.
The sandals did not give me any problems and I wear them all the time-with socks in the fall and early winter if there is no snow.
I would recommend finding a shoe store that stocks them in many styles and try them all to see which one feels better on your feet.
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I have really flat feet- and my Birkenstocks make it worse- (i have the clog style). I always have to wear some thick comfy socks with them. They do last for ages though. My good friend's family owns all of the local Birkenstock stores in our area (baumer's birkenstocks) - if the ones near you are anything like them- they're great on pricing and REALLY go out of their way to help you find the right style/shoe for your feet. Not to mention- Birkenstocks last sooooo long and if you need a part of your shoe replaced or repaired they will do it for you at the store where you got them (at least they do here.)
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I love my Birkie's. I have several pair now - including loafers - yep, they make loafers! I get my sandals on QVC, though- because I love the styles and colors that they have - very different and trendy!
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I know many nurses and medical people swear by that brand. I've never tried them because they're very pricey and I wear out shoes at the same rate regardless of price, so I just buy cheapies.
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