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Having a Bad Knee Day.

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I was diagnosed with ostroarthritis in my knees about 6 years ago and today I am having a really bad knee day.

I am sure it is because of the temperature change and the damper weather but it does amplify the fact getting older sometimes bites.
Not the emotional stuff, in fact I would much rather be the age I am now because of the way I think, how much more confident I am, and how I have discovered that other peoples opinions are just that theirs, and you don't have to make them your own.
However the physical stuff, the aches and pains, the hormonal changes, the fatigue and such I can live without.

I guess it's true, As soon as you get your head on straight, everything else falls apart.
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Sorry to hear that
Mine was acting up yesterday, cool front came through
I'm only 26! I blew my acl ligament out when I was about 16, acting a plum fool of course
I could'nt believe how stiff it felt though! If its going to feel like that now, I'd hate to see what I'm in for when I hit 40

Hope you feel better!
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I´m so sorry about your pain... not funnie...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

vibes for you feel well soon!
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We hope you feel better! Knee pain is not fun

Both of us have problems with our knees too - not as severe as yours but we know somewhat of how you feel. Some days are better then others.

Hope your knee feels better!
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I can totally relate to your knee problems. When i was a child, i fell into a fire so my knee had alot of scar tissue under the knee cap. It really acts up when the weather changes!
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When Neil had his scoped a few years ago (old acl injury from HS sports in the 70's)
the doc cleaned out some the the arthritis. We got lucky with the surgeon as he was the one at the time that did the surgeries on the Green Bay Packer players!!

Anyhow he swears by glucosamine!! He has been taking it faithfully for years.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Anyhow he swears by glucosamine!! He has been taking it faithfully for years.
Yes I have been taking it for awhile also and have found it very helpful. I also go in about once a year and have cortisone shots in both of them.

I usually have issue's like today when there is a extreme weather change or I get overtired. It could be either one since the temp has dropped a good 15 degrees in the last 2 days, and I spent most of the weekend covering for other people at work.

Anyway I decided to take the afternoon off work and just come home and rest a bit. That generally helps, plus some Ben Gay rub, and a couple of anti-inflamatories.

Hopefully they will feel better in a couple of days.
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