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HELP... Anterior Uveitis

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My name is Tilly and yesterday my eye became poorly, i was tken to the vets and he said i have anterior uveitis. He has given me Truspot (2x a day) and Chloramphenicol eye ointment (4 - 6x a day) and he wants to see me again on Thursday. Can any of my fellow feline friends advise me how quickly they responded to treatment and how they found the treatment (i was not impressed with the truspot this morning) then i can reassure my mum as she is very worried about me! thanks xxx
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Hello Tilly! What a cute name you have! I don't have any personal experience with AU, but I have used the chloramphenicol ointment on a kitty I had, that had a scratched cornea, and saw a huge improvement within 48 hours. I'm sure there will be someone along soon that can help reassure your meowmy. I'm sorry you have to deal with that old old are you?
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Thanks for your reply! I hope i feel better soon too! I am only 18 months old and need to get better soon as there is so much more for me to explore and mischief toget into.

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Well, you seem to have a very loving and concerned meowmy, Tilly. I'm sure you will be getting into everything very soon! Be good and don't give your meowmy such a fuss at med time!!
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I have been back to the vets tonight, i have had an antibiotic injection, and antibiotic tablets to take tomorrow and Thursday. The trusopt drops were making a muscle in my eye spasm and irritating me so i have another eye drop to relax that - but mummy has to be careful not to give me too much of that! I have just had my eye ointmet put in, and i played up for Mummy, after i was as good as gold when the vet looked at my eye!! I still have to have the trusopt as that is treating the Glaucoma. Hopefully i will get better soon and mummy wont have to look so worried all the time! I did cheer her up a little bit by eating some pilchards earlier! I still have to go back to see the vet again on Thursday though!

Has anyone else felt as poorly as me with this? How long did it take you to get better?

Purrs.. Tilly xxx
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Hi everyone,

Tonight i went to see the vet again and he said there has been very little improvement in my condition and that I have already lost the sight in my right eye. He has given mummy some more nasty eye drops for over the weekend, but wants to see me again on Monday to remove my eye. He say's that will be best for me in the long run and that i should bounce back about 3-4 days after the op. I'm very nervous about it and i know mummy is worried too, has any of my fellow feline friends lost an eye for any reason, and can you give me some advice of what to expect?


Tilly xxx
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Oh poor thing, if there's nothing more that can be done then I think what the vet suggested is best, as you're probably unhappy and feeling sore at the moment. Don't feel too bad about only having one eye, you will adjust and feel just fine in no time but our humans do worry so much about things like that so give your mum some kisses and headbuts and reassure her that you'll be ok. You might find that at first you won't be able to judge the right distance to jump so take it slow at first but you'll soon find you learn the right places to land and be running around good as new.
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Tilly's meowmy, I'm so sorry you are having to go thru this. I know there are others that have been thru this, and that can help you more. But in the mean time, you could read thru these threads....and know that you and Tilly are being sent calming vibes and healing prayers!
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I am so sorry to hear about your terrible eye problems. As Taterbug says there are others who have lost an eye. Maybe your Meoewmy can start a new thread titled "Tilly to have eye removed - please help" or she can think of a better title, but that might catch the eye of other Meowmy's who have little kitties who have lost an eye. I am sending you very calming and healing vibes from New Hampshire...Please let us know how you are doing!
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I've just been alerted to this thread.
Tilly, I'm sorry to hear that your eye has shown so little improvement.
But your doctor is right, you should feel so much better after that eye is gone, like a whole new kitty.
Ivory was 4 months old when hers was removed, she went from a sickly little girl to a thriving young lady almost over night.

We will be looking forward to an update.
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