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I was coming home from Brent's apartment. I was on the off ramp of the highway. It was awful.
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I was actually in bed sleeping with the radio on. I skipped school that day (parents were at work) because I had stayed out late the night before. I woke up to someone on the radio saying OMG the tower just collapsed. I thought I was dreaming at first. I couldnt figure out what was going on so I went and turned on the t.v. just in time to see the other tower collapse. I was totally freaked out and crying. Didnt know what was going on. I was only 14 at the time.
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I was watching the Today show and was on the phone with my best friend when they broke in and showed that a plane had hit the first tower...and Matt Lauer was talking to a woman who had seen it happen first hand and while he was talking to her she started screaming because the other plane hit.
I barely left the TV for a week...Bella and I watched it all for hours on end...she was always disturbed when something tragic was replayed on TV over and over again, you could not get her away from the TV. She also knew how upset I was..I called my parents every few hours crying To this Day that feeling of dread and helplessness has not left me when I think of 9-11 and the people that were affected by this tragedy

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I was in my sophomore Spanish class when our vice principal announced over the intercom that planes had struck the WTC. I had just moved from Western PA the previous year and was still new to NJ and NY, so I really wasn't sure what the WTC was (though, I had been in them a couple months previous).

I remember being very confused and scared. Getting service on cell phones was nearly impossible, so I used a pay phone to dial my mom. Many students at my school had parents and other relatives that worked at the WTC, so a lot of people went home early. For some reason, school didn't close, but the classes for the rest of the day consisted solely of discussing the attacks and passing along news. One of the radio stations was reporting that a plane had crashed near Pittsburgh (It turned out to be flight 93). I remember being in a state of panic at one point, because my brother and several other relatives lived in and near Pittsburgh. In fact, flight 93 went down only 15 miles away from my grandparents farm.

When I got home from school, the television was already on and I immediately dropped my things and watched---It was the first time I'd seen the footage and really understood the magnitude of what had happened. I'm not a religious person, but for the strangest, briefest of moments my mind recalled the story of the Tower of Babel. My mom told me that she and my father had watched the towers collapse from a hill, which overlooked the city, at the golf club they work at. For the rest of the day, I heard a lot of sirens and helicopters passing by.

I woke up to a rainy day today and sadly remembered every detail of September 11th. My heart truly goes out to everyone.


p.s. I recently viewed the plans for the new WTC transportation center at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC. The concept is to create a building out of "rays of light." I watched a video that gave a computer generated tour of the new center. I really thought it was beautiful. The building is almost entirely constructed from tall, curved, white beams and glass. The ceiling is built to open up and let sunlight in.
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I was leaving Chemistry class and walking to a history class. No teachers were in the halls and very few kids were out either. I started peaking in rooms as I walked by and saw the replays of the first plane hit. I hurried to my class and we watched the news the whole day.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
living overseas at the time,
walked into lounge for a smoke and some coffee, hmm and i think i was picking up dinner.
TO hear people making jokes about how great it was that lot of americans got killed
A lot of non-Americans were killed, too.
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I was sleeping when it happened. I remember that it was a Tuesday and for some reason it was my day off (I never had Tuesday's off). My job called me at about 11am (I'm a late sleeper) and said that they needed people for overtime because of everything that happened (I worked in 411 and we were flooded with calls for people needing emergency numbers and such). I asked "..what happened?" She says "Rob, have you been sleeping?". She told me to turn on the TV and that's when I saw the news reports.

I didn't wind up going into work because I had an appointment that I couldn't cancel. After that I went to the house of a music teacher that I had at the time for a bit, and when I came home my mother told me that my girlfriend at the time was in the hospital. She was a diabetic and her blood sugar level got dangerously low. So I spent most of the day listening to the radio when I was driving, crying, and spending as much time with my g/f in the hospital as I could.
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I was in a Structural/Building Materials class in college!

That Prof said the Trade Centers were designed not to fall, and then we spent several classes later that semester analyzing why they did.
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I remember this day pretty clearly.

I believe I was just starting my Freshman year in High school. We were sitting in 2nd period when our teacher made an announcement. A lot of people started crying, some didn't have much of a response.

When I first found out about this.. it was more of a shock to me. Almost like I didn't believe it.. like it was all a movie. As the day went on, every class turned into just watching the news. We never actually did any school work that day.

When I got home from school, my mom was crying...We sat down and talked. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered, as I was very confused about terrorism, war, etc.

To this day, yes it's sad. But my motto is that "Everything happens for a reason". Someday we will figure out why this happened.

In Memory of those who died on 9-11, RIP.
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I was up getting around for my morning walk when I heard the news!!

That walk that morning was all my friend and I could talk~WTC!

I will never forget!!
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In my 11th grade lit class. The principal came over the PA and told all the teachers to turn on the tvs...

I remember my lit teacher turned it off about 20 minutes later, and looked at us, and said "Let me explain to you why some people in the world hate us" which he did, he knew it was bin Laden then, and explained all about his previous bombings and his stated reasons. Then he said not to get caught up in the hysteria, that we would likely go to war over this, but there was no reason to panic.

Actually all my teachers that day tried really hard to help us process what was going on. I'm thankful for that.

We went home to my friend's house for lunch. I left my shoes there and had to spend the rest of the day at school barefoot; it was weird because I remember teachers just looking at my feet and not saying anything, like the whole day was so absurd that they didn't even comment that one of their students wasn't wearing any shoes.
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i was here at school, of course. we don't have tv's here that are connected to stations [just for videos, etc] so our office staff was glued to the radio & internet broadcasts. i also called my mother, who was at home.

then later that afternoon, my brother's oldest child was born - a girl.
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It was exactly two wks after losing Marvin to the day, for some reason I was still in the bed, the phone rang it was my sister, she said, "OMG, Monique, turn on your TV we have been attacked, the WTC has been hit, turn on your TV, HURRY! I thought my world had already ended, after I turned on the TV, I can't begin to tell you how insecure I truly felt! I just laid on my couch, and watched that all day, so sad!! Knowing how the women felt to have lost their husbands, at a young age! It wasn't the exact same
thing but it was the exact same ..... the loss with young children or child to raise! It was almost unbearable especially, for those whom were pregant!
Any loss to anyone is aweful! Just plain aweful!!!! I will never forget!!!
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I think I was in 9th grade, maybe 10th. On my way to history class. No classes were productive that day. We all watched it on TV, over & over & over. We were in such a rural area that we had school all day, but we didn't do anything at all.
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I was home in bed half asleep... Mom was here ( currently live area) visiting ....At first when I heard the reports I thought I was on the wrong station, Golden girls was supposed to be on
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In my Science class in high school. I was the closest one to the TV and then when we all had to go to homeroom to watch the news unfold, I was in my History class and still the closest one to the TV. I watched the firs tower fall and shouted it out to the classroom before even the CNN reporters realized and said it!
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I was at work, and it happened around our break time. Everyone was gathered around the tv, and I seen the 2nd plane hit, and the tower collapsing. It felt like a nightmare, but unfortunately it was real.

RIP, all victims of this horrible attack, and the others to follow!
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thought i'd add this link: 9/11 - a remembrance. i posted it last year.
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I was asleep still, My mom woke me up "They're bombing the World Trade Center!". Had no idea what that was Just as I came stumbling out, the second plane hit. We sat watching in a daze, until I had to go to work.
It was terrifying, and I remember thinking, and it still holds true for me, that everything, the whole world just felt different after that.
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I was up getting ready for classes when I turned on the tv and saw images of a burning building. I thought it must have been a movie but soon realized it was the World Trade Center and it was for real. I was horrified. I listened to the radio during my drive to class only to hear that one of the towers collapsed. I got to class and was sent home by my instructors. I was glued to the tv for the next several days.
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I had just gotten home from taking Sophie to the vet. Since my vet was around the corner from my house, I had left the tv on. When I came in MSNBC was showing live coverage of Twin Tower #1, and saying that a small plane had crashed into it. I immediately called my best friend who lived in Manhatten with her husband. Joe was in their bedroom. As Tricia and I talked, I saw the 2nd plane crash in to Tower #2. I told Tricia what was happening and she started yelling at Joe to turn the tv on.
Later in the day, I drove to our local Red Cross office to donate blood. There were so many people waiting to do the same thing, that I offered to help with anything that they wanted me to do. I went there every day that week. I still donate platelets.
As the days progressed, not only did I learn that my hairdresser and her daughter had been on one of the flights, but I was shocked to discover how many people I knew who had lost a friend or family member that day.
I think that the best way we can honor those who died - and those who serve in the military - is just to never, ever forget.
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I was working at the shoe store that day, when my two clerks came in and started telling me about it, so we turned on the tv that we kept there for keeping up with bad weather and had it on when the second tower fell.

My best friend's husband works at the Pentagon some days, it was late that evening before I could get in touch with her to find out that he didn't have to go in that day, thank God, because the area that was hit was where he worked.
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I was sleeping when the attacks started. My mom woke me up at 7 am for breakfast but told me that someone was attacking New York City. We had the TV on CNN or Canada AM and were watching what was happening. I remember being confused (I was 10 years old then) about what was happening. When they were showing footage of the planes I thought they were missles or it was an accident. We saw the second plane hit live and I knew it couldn't have been an accident. We sat there watching TV for almost 2 hours until I had to go to school. I remember walking up to the school and telling people that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Centres. The weather was really nice that day. That's about all I remember about what happened except some people were scared that Ottawa was going to be attacked.
I can remember the 1st anniversary too. In my classroom we pushed all the desks to the side of the room, sat on the floor, and watched stuff on 9/11 and talked about it. A girl in my class had a relative who was in one of the towers (they didn't make it out) and I recall her crying a lot that day.
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I was in 11th grade...ironically in US History. Our VP came in and told my teacher to turn the TV on. We changed classrooms when the bell rang but we watched TV all day long.

What a sad day
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I was in 10th grade... I was in English class... I remember everyone was kind of confused at first because we were all in school and no one had really seen or heard about it except by word of mouth. Then they made an announcement and we spent the rest of our classes pretty much just talking about it. A lot of kids got picked up early. It was such a sad feeling.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
...before that I had no idea what the WTC even was
Me either!
I was at the laundrette with a friend and she said about it but it wasn`t until I went home and watched the news that I realised how serious it was.
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I was a freshman in high school, sitting in my global awareness class 4th period. We heard our prinicpal come over the loudspeaker and groaned, because he sounded so serious all the time, even if it was to say sports practice was cancelled due to rain. All of us sat stunned when we heard about the two planes hitting. I lived 40 miles outside NYC, so a lot of classmates' parents commuted to NYC. My uncle was working out by the Hudson River when it happened and saw it happen. A girl in my trig/geometry class was quite shaken because her mom worked in one of the towers. She had a dentist appointment at 9am so she was going to go to work late. Remembering that always gives me the chills.

We were put in lockdown mode for the day. My best friend and I spent hours on the phone just watching replays. Her mom was in the background yelling that she wanted to return to Poland before the USA was destroyed (they had moved to the US three years earlier).

I will never forget.

I will never forget those who perished in 2001, or our beloved Tigger who died this morning.
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I wrote this a few years ago as part of an essay:

I was in Art Class, doing an acrylic painting. The radio as usual was playing and suddenly the room became absolutely still as the news broke that a plane had crashed into the WTC. My friend Val and I looked at each other in confusion, and there was a ripple of whispers from everyone else, but that was it. We went on painting quite happily and then class was over. Mrs. Snell was at her desk next period and I asked her if she was all right, and she said she had relatives or friends there in New York. She was so afraid, and that was when it sunk in for me, realizing what had happened.

From then on, I couldn't do very much except sit there mentally shaking and wondering if this was going to happen to US, or our own city. Was it a new war? What was it?

Last period. It was MultiMedia with the Lobster. We watched a news clip, and that's when I broke down. I saw the footage and couldn't stop crying. All those people. All those lives gone. I cried because there would be another war on this planet, which had been already so scarred and terrorized beyond hope. Despite everything, as I walked home in silence, I could only think of what I had to do tomorrow. I had to grieve.

New York City, as I remember it, is a beautiful sprawling jungle. The buildings sparkle and the people sparkle and everything there is just eclectic and lovely and dangerous at the same time. That's how I want to remember it, without that ugly scar and those two magnificent towers glimmering in the sunlight ....
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I was living in Henderson, Nevada and at 7:00 a.m. (10:00 eastern time), I was preparing my dog for her insulin shot and getting her breakfast ready when my husband yelled from the other room to get in there. When I ran in, I saw he was watching the news and we didn't realize at the time it was videotape we were watching of the first plane that crashed into one of the towers. When the tapes stopped rolling we saw the collapse of the towers. Just freaked me out. The first thing I said was "all those people!!" knowing there were peopleworking in the Towers that morning. I couldn't reach my mom in New York for hours. I had been born and raised in NY, lived there for 35 years and it was like an arrow going through my heart. Still feels that way.
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I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember -the morning it happened i was in school. About 20 minutes before the planes hit the tower/etc...I was walking to my first class of the morning and I remember thinking to myself "what a gorgeous day it is outside!" - it was such a beautiful day out. How ironic that the ugliest tradgedy was about to occur.

I was sitting in my desk in my history class when the president of our school made an announcement that something had happened/etc. At that point- my teacher went to get the tv out of the hallway closet (my class was in a portable - with 3 other classes in seperate rooms. there was a hallway closet where the rolling tv carts were stored so he went to get one.) When we turned on the news- we turned it on in time to see the other plane hit They kept showing the clips over and over again on the news and it was just horrible. We were all in shock. To make matters worse i remember one of my good friends- her dad had an appointment in the WTC (the 1st tower) that day -he was out of town on business. I remember my friend being in absolute hysterics- it was horrible...she thought her dad had been killed (later that day though she heard from him - his business meeting had been canceled that day for some scheduling reason, and rescheduled for later in the week- so he never went to the 1st tower. It was definitely a miracle.

I remember as the day went on- every single class i went to- all we did was watch coverage of the planes hitting the towers over and over again. Our teachers as well as the rest of us were all just in shock. We all just cried over it and were terrified. The next day me and several other students brought a ton of yellow ribbons to school -we tied them on our car antennas and pinned them to our clothes. (i went to a small private school- only about 100ppl per each grade - were were all really close). We had chapel all that week and just said prayers for everyone and for our nation.

The thing that really strikes me the most is something that happened with one of the choir classes i was in at the time. We had been rehersing since august for an upcomming concert- "songs of prayers and rememberance" - and it had been scheduled months beforehand for October 11th, 2001. One month exactly to the date of the attacks. The songs we had been rehersing were all prayers and just gorgeous songs about our country/rememberance/etc. I don't think it was a coencidence that it happened like that. It wound up being a really emotional and beautiful concert and we preformed in honor of those who lost their lives.
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