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introducing old cat to clan of 7

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I have a cat that just showed up at my back door one day and never left. When it got cold out, I decided to bring her in. That was about 6 months ago. She doesn't get along with any of my other 6 cats. Can anyone tell me what can I do.
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Can you give us some more information? How did you introduce her to the others, what happens when they are together??
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She has her own bedroom. For the first two months they got to know each other through the bottom of the door. Then one by one I introduced them with my supervision only. Then she started tearing up the carpet at the door like she wanted it open. Gave her her wish. The fighting begins in month three. Door has been open for 4 months now. She just now ventures out into the den but runs like crazy when another cat comes around. She has also become more agressive towards me. Any ideas?
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Is she spayed? Are your other cats fixed? When you say fighting how bad? Just hissing and posturing or do they roll around together in battle lock? There will be some dissention in the ranks when you add another cat regardless. Your place may be to small for that many animals and then you have all the animals on high stress. Those are some of my thoughts.
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Well, mostly it is just a lot of hissing but they also tangle quite a bit. All of my cats are fixed. I have a pretty large house also. I don't know what else to tell you except for the fact that she is really grumpy.
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Well, I am back with new developments of Baby. She has started coming out of her room and into the living room. She pretty much stays out there while I am on the computer downstairs. She still hisses and runs back to her room at times. The new serious issue is what she is doing to me. I let her sniff my hand before I pet her. She sniffs, then licks, then she bites and scratches me. If I go straight to her back to pet her, she will let me for about 45 seconds. No one else will even go near her! I'm just tolerant of the scratches. What do I do? I included a picture of the wild woman.
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Click here to go to a thread where we discussed this very problem. Don't worry...you can modify her behavior with a little bit of work. After you read the old thread, let us know whether you are having any problems implementing the strategy.

Good luck!
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She is exhibiting typical stray/feral behavior. First off, stop presenting yourself the way that you are to her with your hand offered in her face. If you can approach her, do so and reach out and pet her back first. Watch her for signs she will attack you- if she is going to attack, her ears will go flat, her tail rigid and she will turn and strike quickly. If she bites you (and it sounds like she will) don't move your hands or fingers quickly.This simulates prey to her and she will go deeper into the object in her mouth (either her claws or teeth) instead scream once- a short burst to show her she has hurt you. She should withdraw.

Buy a bottle of Feliway Spray- spray a washcloth until damp- wipe down all your cats with the same cloth- spraying the cloth between each cat. Wipe her down last with the same cloth. Take and spray her at the base of her tail and between her shoulderblades after you wipe her down.

Buy Rescue Remedy and start putting it in the food (wet food) or add it to the water.

Also, be careful of those scratches and bites, they can become infected quickly. Make sure you wash it out well no matter how minor you think it might be. Use a betadine scrub and then an antibiotic ointment. Leave it open to air during the day and cover it at night if it is deep- but remove the bandage in the mornings.

Good luck with this cat and thanks for opening your heart and home to her.
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