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Help Please

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I had asked in another thread about wet food that would put weight back on my kitty after he had surgery. This is going to be long but I want everyone to have all the information so maybe someone can help because two vets my kittys breeder and I can not figure out what is going on with him. Ok so here is goes. He is a 11 month old sphynx cat. I got him two months ago when I got him he had a ear infection that he was on ear drops for. The breeder and her vet said that after he finished the drops that he should be fine. Well he finished the drops a little over a month ago 4 days after he was off the drops the ear infection came back. I took him to my vet on 8/13/07 and he did a swab of his ear and tested it. It came back a type B bacterial infection He also had some congestion in his lungs. they put him on Amoxicillin, Erythomycin for his ear and Predisone and told me to bring him back in for a recheck in a week. on 8/20/07 was his recheck his ear had not gotten any better but his congestion had so they changed him to ciprofloxacin and Tresaderm and more prednisone. He was to go back for another recheck in a week. On 8/27/07 He went back for his recheck his congestion was completely cleared up but his ear was still no better. The vet looked in his ear really good and said he saw something in there and he needed to have surgery to have it removed. He had his surgery on 9/4/07 They said he done really good durning his surgery on his ear and they removed a large polyp from his ear. He came home and was eating and drinking and going to his litter box. Two days after his surgery on 9/6/07 I had to take him back to the vet because his ear had swollen and I was afraid it was getting infected. The vet said he did not think it was infected but put him on Amoxicillin for a percausion but I still believe it was infected because it took it two days to swell like that and it was the size of if you would have taken a golf ball and cut it in half and put it to his other ear it would have matched. this past friday night he cut back on his eating but was still eating ok. Well Sunday at lunch time he only ate a few bites Sunday night he quit eating. I took him back to the vet today and they said his kindeys are enlarged They ran a blood panel on him and every thing came back ok. This is what has us all confussed is why is his kindeys enlarged but his blood work in comeing back fine. He has no fever but will not eat I am haveing to force feed him he also got sub q fluides today and a depo-medrol shot to try and get him to eat. He is peeing and it looks normal I will be takeing him back to the vet in the morning to see what we will do next. His ear is not swollen any more and is healing good. I spoke to his breeder on the phone and told her what was going on and she called her vet and he also dont know what could be going on for his kindeys to be enlarged and nothing show up on the blood work. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on with him. And could you please keep him in your prayers this little guy sure could use them His name is Slash The breeder named him that and we keep it Slash because when he was born his mom picked him up to move him and slashed him on both sides on one side he needed one stich and on the other he needed three so with him being hairless you can see his scares so his name fits him well.
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I am so sorry to hear Slash has had such a rough life for such a young one.

I am wondering if all the medications have stressed his kidneys. Prednisone is a pretty yucky drug and Cipro is a very strong antibiotic.

I am not sure why he would decide to stop eating now, it is perplexing.

I am not a big fan of Science diet, however their canned A/D seems to be well liked by sick kitties that won't eat. It is supposed to be high in calories.

Also there is a product called Nuti-cal which is high calorie in a small volume, so it would help keep his calories up even when not eating much. It is a gel, like the hairball medicine.

I will be sending lots of vibes for Slash to finally recover from all this and be a healthy happy kitty.
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Is he still on the Amoxi? Chase will barely pick at food when he's on Amoxi.. my vet said it was fairly common for it to upset their tummies..

I have no ideas for the rest.. I'll pray for your baby, though.
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I forgot to say that I had already started giveing him Nuti-cal yesterday when he cut back on his eating. I am just so worried about his kindeny's Where he is hairless you can really see them sticking out. I just dont understand why they are so enlarged and nothing shows up on the blood work. They have gotten even bigger in the last two hours. I tried to get the vet to come in on a emergecy call but he will not answer his pager. The closet emergecy clinic is over a hour away and he gets so stressed by the car ride to his normal vet that I dont know if he can take the ride to the emrgecy clinic. Where he is still off balance from them cutting into his ear he is really off balance and I just dont think he could make the ride to the emergecy clinic.
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Yes he is still on Amoxi. He has been on amoxi before and it did not do him this way. I just dont know what to do. I am so scared we are going to loose him.
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Would KMR work for extra nutrients/calories??? Years ago when Grizzly had litters and many kittens in the litters I would buy Kitten Milk Replacer as a supplement esp when I switched them to kitten food during weaning.
Did you contact the breeder for suggestions??
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Hi I am sorry I have not been back to update this I have just been so upset. I finally got the vet to come in on the emregcy call I took him up there and they started him on fluids and did another blood panel the only thing the blood panel showed was his liver was messing up. He stayed at the vets and I came home to get my kids ready for school and then went back to the vet to see if they had found out what was going on with him. When I got there at 8:00 Tuesday morning he had started turning yellow. I came back home. And around 2:00 the vet called and said he was not doing good and no matter what they tried he was still going down hill. Me and his breeder had talked and we agreed. We did not want him to suffer. I told them I was on my way up there it would take me 30 min to get there and then I would make a desicion They said he would not make it 30 more min. That he was gasping so I had to do what was best for him. And I know it was the right desicion but it is killing me that I could not get there to be with him. I miss him so much. The vet seems to think that the polyp was cancer and that when they cut on him it spread very quickley. Slash's breeder agrees with it haveing to be cancer. The breeders vet is wanting a necropsey done on him because he wants answers but we are not haveing it done his breeder and I both agree that we cant do that to him. And his breeder said she has had to have them done before and it was the hardest thing she had to do and is not going to ask me to do that because no matter what the necropsey says it wont change anything. I just miss him so much he was my baby.
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