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It turned cold, FAST!!

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Is it any cooler where you live?? Man, I tell ya-its COLD here!!!

I am all for cooler weather, but a warning would of been nice! We went to Dh son football game tonite, and boy was I unprepared!!

I am thankful I can open windows and stop runnin the a/c....
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It's a lot cooler here than it has been... it's going to be in the upper 70s/low 80s. Not cold, but a lot cooler and soooo much nicer!
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Considering how hot it was for the game Saturday - raining in the first quarter to up the humidity, I wouldn't dare complain about the cool weather.

Besides, I'm still happy that we beat that team. Revenge is sweet, even if it takes 20 years to get it!
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They say tomorrow it could be 60 for a high, but cool quickly to 40 for a high in the afternoon. Overnight in the 20s.

I wasn't braced for this cold so fast, so I have no plans, nothing set up for the farm cats. I think they'll have to be in the upstairs bathroom overnight!!!
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I has dropped quite a lot here as well. I actually closed my bedroom window last night, the first time in months. And woke up with the kitties under the blankets with me this morning, that is pretty much an indication that they thought it was to chilly in the apartment over night. Haven't had to turn the heat on yet, but if it gets damp I will definitely be thinking about it.
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Cold here too, and I love it

55* this morning when I got up, a high of only 60 today
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Still in the 90's here every day

I keep wishing for cooler weather but it hasn't happened yet.
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