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Lucy update - she's home!

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For those of you who have been keeping your fingers crossed and sending vibes, doing voodoo, or whatever you do ...it worked!

They didn't offer her food at 4am - the night doctor wanted to wait a little longer and test her for some blood parasite I forgot the name of, but her attending vet offered her some beef baby food this morning around 8am. She wolfed it down and kept it down for 12 hours, so she was cleared to go home tonight.

It's still up in the air what put her in such rough shape in the first place, and the preliminary results from the biopsies should be available by Wednesday (they sent them to the CSU pathology folks). For all we know, if the biopsies are negative, maybe just playing around with her guts got things working again. As the vet put it, "Even if you don't find anything, just getting in there and stirring them up can sometimes do the trick."

In any case, she came home with a pretty good-sized supply of buprenorphine, so she's doped up and sleepy right now. It was wearing off, so I gave her some about 45 minutes ago. She followed me into the bathroom to watch me wash my face (apparently, right before the kitty drugs kicked in), and sat staring at me, leaning against the wall. When I walked out of the bathroom, I expected her to follow me, but when she didn't, I went back in and she was still sitting there, staring off into space and still leaning against the wall. The poor little girl is a little stoned. I brought her into the living room and set her up with her favorite blanket on the couch. She kneaded it for a good 15 minutes, while just staring off into space and purring up a storm. She is now tucked into the blanket, looking out with one eye open, still purring, and obviously off in kitty la-la land.

Kneading away:

One-eyed stoned kitty:

She came home with the buprenorphine, metacam, and metronidazole. Her incision is HUGE. It runs from just below her ribs to below her spay incision (I'm bad with things like this, but approximately 6" or so?). She's got staples (which will hopefully prevent the suture reaction we had before), so she looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. I keep making fun of her for looking like a poodle, since she already had her left leg shaved for the spay, and now she's got a matching right leg. Her entire belly (you can see how far up it goes in the kneading picture) is shaved. I told her she needs to cut this out, or she's going to come home bald after one too many vet visits.

She and the Siamese are now insured, so lets hope they stick with covered diseases in the future, so my credit and debit cards can get some much-needed rest.

All in all, this was way too stressful, but I'm glad it worked out. Haha...my itemized bill is a full two pages, single spaced. I might frame it. It would be the most expensive piece of art in this house.

Thanks, TCS folks, for your vibes and understanding. I knew I could come here and never hear anyone freaking out because I spent several thousand dollars on "a cat". I'm getting it from all sides right now. I don't care. I just grin and nod.
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I'm so glad your Lucy is home. for her to continue to mend.

When Much had a tumor removed from between her shoulder blades, we told the vet that she had given Much the most bizarre reverse mohawk. Her back was all shaved and she had two or three little patches on her legs from the IVs, etc. Poor baby looked really bizarre.

BTW - when is the Siamese going to get a name?
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That's fantastic!!! Yea, Lucy.

She looks great in the pics even if a bit "stoned" as you said. She must be glad to be home. I hope she stays healthy, eats well and leads a loooong life. She certainly deserves all good things after her ordeal.

You've been a wonderful kitty mom to her. Yes, everyone here understands why you spent the money on Lucy. We'd all do the same thing.

Hugs to all of you.
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Yay she's home Aww Bless her she's so sweet You can't put a price on your cat's health. I don't blame you at all...I've done it and I will do it again
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The Siamese desperately needs a name. I was hoping it would be easier to name her, since there is another cat in the house. I'm bad at naming "onlies" - the ferret is named well...The Ferret. I've had cats named The Baby Cat and The Little Kitty. I'm bad at names. Unfortunately, Dave suffers from the same affliction. We occasionally toss around name ideas and always veto the other's suggestions. Her previous owners named her Sunshine, but there is nothing "sunny" in this cat's personality or appearance, so I hate it. It sounds like a My Little Pony name.

I once had a horse named Tanya and promptly changed her name to The Mare. If picking good names was part of the criteria to be a good pet owner, Animal Control would have raided my house by now.

I'm open to all suggestions. I know Dave will automatically try to veto them on principle, but he still calls Lucy by her name (he said he hated it). My preferences lean toward vintage-y names. Lucy is named for Lucille Ball/Lucy Ricardo. I love old pin-up girls (Memories of Olive by Alberto Vargas is my absolute favorite, but I don't like the name Olive for this kitty, either).
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I'm glad she's home....funny haircut & all!!

As for names for the Siamese, what about Maisie the Meezer?
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THANK GOODNESS! And thanks for posting pix of her, poor little thing. I hope her recovery picks up!

We have TERRIBLE naming problems! Fortunately, since we adopted three KIDS, I read various places it is better to not take away their original names, so we could KEEP them all! Otherwise we'd have: Baby Girl, Little Boy, and Big Girl, I kid you NOT. We are that indecisive.

Now, about your kitty ... Try out some S-, T-, and K-containing names on her, and see what SHE likes!
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Aww that is wonderful news about Lucy! So happy to hear that shes back home with you!

You both could write down a list of names you like.
Then go through them & see if any name fits...
Thats what we did when we named our kitties anyways.
Here are some websites for cat name ideas:
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