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Cat Throw Up But Not Hairball

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Hi everyone,
My cat has recently been throwing up a lot, but there's no hair or food. It usually just looks like water. She's strictly an in door cat, if that helps at all. Any info. is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I would say it is probably a hairball that she can't get out. Samba used to have a problem with hairballs and did the same thing. Hope that helps.

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How long till Samba threw up the hairball?
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Here's several questions you should answer first: How much is a lot? Was it several times in one hour...or one day? Or multiple times over a series of days? Is the vomit yellow in color (stomach bile)? Is it foamy? Has your cat been eating okay? How does he seem to feel?

I've had cats that have vomited yellow, foamy bile several times in a short period, and were fine shortly afterward. One of our cats has also had a couple periods where he has vomited clear, foamy liquid several times over a couple of days. He's also been very lethargic and stopped eating/drinking during this time. He's had to be antibiotics to clear it up.
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No foam, but maybe slightly yellow. Once we find it, it pretty much looks like water only with a slight tint to it. It's been happening over the course of about 2 or 3 weeks now, but never happening more than once in a day. She's been eating and drinking fine (maybe drinking a little more than usual, but nothing severely significant).
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Over two to three weeks? I've never seen that. My only suggestion is take her to the vet.
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I'd bring her to the vet. Samba got his out finally after a couple days, but if it takes longer than that the vet might have to help.

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Aaww, but I can't bring her to the vet, she bites too much. Anything I could research?
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Can you call a vet and consult over the phone to see if the vet thinks it is serious? Let her know your cat is aggressive and see if she/he has any suggestions/problem solving to get the cat help it might need? I think it could be a variety of things if a cat keeps throwing up bile - maybe something serious like a blockage, something wrong with an organ....or nothing serious - it's hard to say (how old is the kitty)? Any other changes in the kitty's behavior?
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If you have a problem getting her in the cat carrier there are a couple things you can try,

First you can try putting treat in the carrier

Second you can get a blanket and sneak up on the cat, wrap her in the blanket and try to put her in the carrier.

I know some people would think the second is mean, but sometimes it is necessary.

And if you are afraid of her bitting the vet, the vet can probably give her a mild sedative, but most vets can handle a mad cat.

Hope that helps.

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