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We have a place!

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Just wanted to share that we have a place to live in NJ!!!!!

I'm sooooooo excited! B will be close enough that if he can't find anything in the area that he can commute into NYC (making molas I hope!).

I got in yesterday night and seriously my arms are tired (from the driving) Then all day today was more driving to look at places.

Finally the LAST HOUSE came about after I thought I was done. B and I had discussed between 2 places and I was going to lease the one rental home that was ehh..., then the realtor called back with this house. The landlord had it on the market for a couple of weeks with no takers. So he got her to drop the price to where I could afford it and I LOVED IT!!!

All the appliances are new, new kitchen, new pergo floors, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and this adorable little garden in the backyard (for me to unwillingly kill).

Of course landlord will allow the cats

I'm so excited...I'm really moving now!!!
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Happy Dance!!

We're going to need pictures when you're done.
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Awesome!! That must be a big relief and I know it's always exciting! I will be looking for a place next year, but have done tons of research so I will at least be somewhat prepared when looking. Enjoy your new place!
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I'm so happy for you!
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Good for you guys!!!
And they all lived happily ever after...
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Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, that is super, Hope you enjoy your new place.
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That's great
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that cool !!!!!
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congratulations!!!! That's great news hon!!!!! aww how fun- you get to go shopping to decorate now!!!!
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getting all my teeth pulled without being put to sleep first sounds more then that :P
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Congrats Jenney! I hope B finds a great job close to the new house and that he still makes lots of mola! I hope the move is pleasant and that it is not too stressful!
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OK, here are some pictures I took last night!

New House

I'm going in this morning to sign the lease and place the deposit on etc. I'll be seriously broke after this move, but it'll be worth it!
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It has a beautiful kitchen. I hope you are very happy there.
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I'm so happy that evewrything is going your way Jenney!
"Smooth Move" vibes coming your way!
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what a cute little house!! Congrats Jenney
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