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Fess up...Most embarrassing cat stories???

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I just got this idea from a different board and I thought we'd all get a good chuckle with it!
What is your most embarrassing cat stories??????
Here is mine:
It was the fall of 1999 and every Saturday I had a football party with some of my closest friends. Echo was just a kitten at the time...maybe 6 months or so. She was forever getting into my bathroom supplies (toilet paper, q-tips, feminine products and etc). To her it was a game. She'd drag something out of the bathroom and bring it to me or my ex-fiance. We thought this was cute at the time, but one Saturday was not quite so cute! Picture about 15+ people packed in one small living room watching the game and here comes Echo running in the room with a TAMPON in her mouth! She of course thinks she needs to give it to someone and she brings it right over to one of my best guy friends...and drops it right in this drink! OMG...I could have just died right then and there! Everyone cracked up laughing as he was trying to fish out this now wet and bloated tampon out of his drink. I vowed right there I was never letting her in the bathroom with my "supplies" while we had company over!!!

So...now that my face is red once again, it's your turn
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That is sooo embarrassing Shell!

One time an officer came over to talk to me (because I complained about the boys next door smoking pot) and he was inside my apartment talking to me and Peedoodle bit him! I was so embarrassed but he was nice about it. Whew!

I have had Peedoodle for only less than a year and he has yet to embarrass me like your cat has embarrassed you.
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I can't believe that Shell! How mortifying!

I can't say I have anything to compare to that, except for the normal cat sauntering into the room with guests and non-chalantly starts cleaning themselves 'down there' in front of everyone.
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My Leo, now gone to the Bridge, was a beautiful red tabby boy. When we were in Kansas City, a friend that worked with many local rescue agencies asked me if I would be interested in having him model for a cat food print ad. The lady that came from the ad agency just went nuts over him. She said the red tabby she had been working with for years was now old and sick, and she had been looking for a replacement for 2 years, and he was perfect. She said he could get several jobs a month if it worked out. He laid on the floor, posing and looking adorable, then we tried to touch him. He acted like we were trying to kill him! He screamed and cried, bit both of us, and hid under the couch, growling and hissing. She came several times and tried to work with him, but he was having none of it. I am sure she thought I abused him, the way he acted. He could have been a star!
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Peppurr, my male Tuxedo, needed to go to the vet about a rash. I was heading down to the vet, everything seemed fine. When we got to the vet, I picked Peppurr up and started heading for the door. As so as I opened it he peed everywhere! All over me, my friend and a little boy and his dog! A week ago, I took Peppurr to the vet to have him weighed, he went from 9 to 12 pounds in 2 months, when I took him out of his carrier he peed everywhere. I slipped in the pee and fell on my butt. I was so embarassed, I cried!

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Well, I guess this is more disgusting than embarassing...

When I was in high school, I worked as a kennel aide at a vet office. One of the perks was reduced veterinary care. Our family cat, Loppy, had developed a large abcess on her back that required her to be anesthetized to clean and drain it. I dropped her off in the morning before school, and after school went to work. They let me take her home that evening, even though she was a bit woozy, because they felt that I knew what to watch out for. I put her in the car, ready to leave, and she had an attack of loose stools all over my pants. I had to go back in to the office, smelly and dripping, and get her and myself cleaned up. I had the nickname "Smelly" for a while.
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Shell, I mentioned a similar situation on this board a while back. The first month when we had Nakita, she fished out a 'feminine product' and ran around the house with it in her mouth!

But, we were lucky to be alone at the time and had no company like you did!

Nakita also 'farted' on my best friend! And that has been the only time that Nakita to my knowledge has done that. She was adjusting to her new food and I think she had a little tummy upset.

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We have people over to see us so infrequently, I don't have any stories of the cats embarrassing us. But I do have an embarrassing story to tell.

When we first rescued Lazlo, he used to spend a little bit of each day crying by the front door. He was easily distracted by play, but we thought maybe, as a feral rescue, he missed being outside.

We purchased a harness - and this is only on day two with us! - and slipped it on him. He didn't complain and barely noticed it was there. We opened the door, and went outside with him. He was scared, and sniffing around, when who shows up but Booger. We hadn't even considered that possibility. And when they were little kitties, we referred to ALL of them as "she," and had only just found out from the Vet visit that Lazlo was a "he!"

So Boog comes sauntering up, Lazlo completely FREAKS OUT, and Gary yells "GRAB HER!" I, of course, having gotten it all sorted out thought Gary meant grab Booger, who is a "she." But he meant Lazlo, who bounced about six feet in the air and slipped out of the harness.

Poor little Lazlo bolted, and I thought we'd never see him again. I was in tears, Gary was yelling, and we scared the bejeezus out of Boog and Lazlo.

I kept close watch on the burrow where Lazlo was born, and sure enough, after a little while that's where he was. I took a small piece of chicken up there, and laid down. I cried and pleaded with him for hours. FINALLY, he got hungry enough, and came over to get the piece of chicken. I just picked him up, and he didn't complain at all. I carried him inside.

The poor little boy. Fortunately, that little incident didn't seem to set us back at all in terms of his trust (phew!). But - he never did meow next to the door to go out again. And never has since.

DUMB new kitty parents!!!!!
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