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My poor baby....

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I'm not really sure where I should put this post.. this seemed like the best spot considering it's not really "health" but yet it is. But it's here, so I guess I should get on with what I'm saying, huh?
I called for an appointment to have 8 month old Oliver neutered. Because he is a kitten, they said he had to stay overnight and I asked politely if I could argue with that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't understand why I should leave my baby boy there for almost 12 hours, in a strange place to him, alone with nobody there to hear him cry if something hurts or he's uncomfortable. I told them that I wanted to take him home that night and they finally agreed that if nothing is wrong I can take him home. This bothered me... if there is something wrong, they are just going to leave him there, lock up & go home?
They are going to get the same arguement from me in a month when it's my female's turn to go in. There is no way I will go without her for a night.
I understand they have to be kept quiet and all that, but I think I can find a soft corner in my bedroom with a closed door to keep them safe & quiet while they rest somewhere where they are comfortable!
Am I wrong with arguing with the vet? Am I just overprotective? Help! Oliver is scheduled for Monday morning.. they promised me they would make him 1st in surgery so he has almost 12 hours of rest before I bring him home, but they won't guarentee I can bring him home if something is wrong.
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Hi Berleen,

I moved your post to the Health forum as I thought more people who might be better able to answer your questions would see it here.

It doesn't strike *me* as odd that you want to bring your baby boy home after his surgery, and since you said 12 hours would pass before you did so, the vet has plenty of time to assess if he is experiencing any problems. But then, I am known for being a bit on the over-reactive side when it comes to my cats. I am the same way with my step-son, but that is another story for another time...that now being said, I think you bring up a very important point about vet clinics.

There is a difference between a Vet Clinic and a Vet Hospital. Clinics are open normally during regular business hours, and close with either a very small or no staff at night and on weekends. Vet Hospitals have a full-time (24/7) staff and vets who are there to care for the animals at all times, including nights and weekend. The best way to figure out which designation best fits your vet and his practice, ASK your vet if anyone is there at night. I don't EVER leave my cats at the vet's overnight unless I KNOW there is someone there all the time to care for them in the event something goes horribly wrong. And I never let them stay ANYWHERE that I cannot drop by, unannounced, and visit with them.

In fact, when my first Siamese was spayed, I insisted she come home with me that day - and since she was a holy terror at the vet, they agreed. I came home with the ER vet's number and address in my pocket, just in case, but I didn't need it. She did just fine.

The procedure to neuter a male cat isn't terribly involved - just two small incisions - and normally the boys don't miss what they don't come home with. *smile* I'll bet your baby boy does just fine with his procedure.

By the way, let me commend you on your decision to spay/neuter your cats. Not everyone feels it is important, and as someone who assists with the cats at my local shelter and humane society whenever I can, it is important to acknowledge those who get it done. Good deal!

Thanks for posting, and please...come back and let us know how your Oliver did, OK? *smile*

Best of luck,

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Berleen, you are not the only one with fears like this. I can understand why some vets keep them. However I have never had to leave one and would not do so unless there was a complication with anestesia or the surgery. My vet watches over them and makes sure they come out of surgery okay. He observes them for the afternoon and lets me take them home that evening. If you are very concerned about thier policies, I would speak to the vet directly. One of the most important things you can do is feel comfortable and confident with your vet.
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Actually I did ask the receptionist if anyone was there between the hours of 7:00p.m. & 7:30a.m. and she said no. (those were the times she said they were there) I said exactly what I said in my post... who is going to hear him cry if something happens? Needless to say, she didn't have an answer.
The nearest vet hospital is 100 miles away from here (I live in the boonies of Minnesota, sorry), so I am stuck going to a regular clinic.
Update.... my baby girl, Serena, decided to go into heat after I called the vet & posted this! So I am going to call the vet in the morning and see if I can get Oliver in before Monday. Right now Serena is in my bedroom with Big Boy to keep her company. Big Boy is neutered, but he still tries to satisfy Serena Oliver is not happy being alone in the rest of the house, but what else can I do? Oliver comes from a large cat background and him breeding Serena would be a disaster! At 8 months old, Oliver is already bigger than Serena (and able to breed.. his father fathered his first litter when he was not much older than Oliver!) The kittens would probably kill her.
A little short history on why Serena is still whole.... my mother in law breeds Persians, has a successful cattery here in Minnesota. She has a breeding pair of shaded silvers (Serena's parents) and they both have doll faces. She would like to get the flat-faced silvers, so we tried to breed Serena to another boy a couple months ago. Up until today we thought she might be pregnant. She didn't do really good with the breeding itself because she is a very nervous cat, she gets stressed out easily. I decided to try once, and afterwards no matter what the outcome was, she was to be fixed after. I wasn't worried about unwanted kittens considering my MIL has a waiting list for shaded silvers! But none of that matters now, because as soon as Serena goes out of heat she's off to the vet too!
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