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I'm giving Yin and Yang a second chance

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Well, during play-time each day Yin has been really good about not trying to suck on Yang's privates. Also, the couple times she DID try Yang kicked her in the face and pushed her away, lol.

My heart melted today when the kittens were in my lap and they actually started wrestling for the very first time. : Yin and Yang just stopped moving and meowing(at this moment Yin was on top of Yang and Yang was on her back with her belly up towards Yang). They then had a "stare-off" and Yang suddenly snapped at Yang's leg and bit her! ROFL!

It went on for abuot 5 more minutes of them both taking bites out of each other, lol. It was so cute!

Anyways...I figured that they are going to start playing and interacting more now that they are 3 1/2 weeks old. Also, since Yang is obviously capable of defending herself, I think they'll be fine.

I just took the divider out of the box and put all new bedding so they'd be able to explore before they fall asleep. I hope everything works out.
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Aww, I'm glad to hear they're doing well. It's so much fun watching them play, isn't it?
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thats wonderfull news , i hope it turns out ok.
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Well, I'm 99% positive that this is going to work out wonderfully.

So far they've been nothing but angels. Also, they're starting to poo on their own, so having them both in a box box together is really going to help on litter-training.
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I got such a cute "visual picture" in my mind when you described them playing. I'm glad things are working out!
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Well, I got out the camera today and snapped a gazillion pictures of the kittens together. I also set up a litterbox for them so I can start litter-training.

Here are some pics of them today:

I don't think they noticed yet that I took the "wall" down, lol:

Yang playing with her shadow:

Getting comfy:

Snuggle time:

New and improved box:

Yang has finally learned to groom herself!

They're getting so big and fluffy! I can't believe how fast they are growing! They're already 3 weeks and 5 days old.
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Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, yes, they seem to have developed a URI. I just called the vet today and they were able to prescribe me some meds(amoxi...(sorry, not sure how to spell it, lol) and some goop for their eyes). My vet is really wonderful and they were kind enough to prescribe me the meds I needed without charging me a vet fee. They now the story behind the kittens and they're really such a help.
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I love the snuggle pictures... They're too cute! I hope everything will work out okay!
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Oh I love Yang...for obvious reasons I'm biased!

(Just FYI, if the Amoxi doesn't clear up the URI soon, ask for something like Clavamox. If it's a tough URI, Amoxi isn't strong enough)
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ACtually, the Amoxi seems to be working really well. I've only given it to them twice so far and I can already see a huge difference!

Also, the eye stuff has worked miracles! I was having the soak their eyes each day and Tin's were so bad that once I soaked em and opened them back up green liquid came oozing out!(Yuck!) That's when I figured the "steaming" wasn't working and called the vet. So far their eyes have stayed open for 24/hrs without sealing back shut so I'm VERY impressed.
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