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Awe.. I am so sorry. I am in a similar situation. I lost 8 of mine last Thursady(long story) and have retrieved all but 1 and am in the process of looking for her. Like the others have said they are usually very close by. I found the majority of mine up under cars. Not to scare you but they were up in the wheel wells etc.. I did have one that had darted across a busy street into the woods. I totally thought I would never see him again.I looked for him for 3 days and finally set up a live trap with sardines in it and I got him.

I would suggest the trap but seems like you have alot of strays around but you could always let them back out and keep trying.

Good luck. I hope you find her soon.
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I wish I could use a trap to catch my kitty. But I live in a large apartment complex and I am gone at work all day, so there's no one helping me with this. The strays have gone up to my front door to eat the food I left out for Milukhu and they moped around the box I left for shelter in case she comes home. Now, I am worried that Milukhu won't like the other cats' scent when she finds her way upstairs to my apartment. I just don't know how to keep the strays away and not Milukhu.

Lorie- thanks for the suggestion, but I only have one front door and it's upstairs...that would be the only entrance home for her...I have a balcony but it's too high up for her to climb. I've hung clothes I slept in on the balcony to let the wind carry my scent out to her, but... don't know if she did sense it or not.

Well, I'm out to look for my Milukhu again...wish me luck!
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Wishing you all the luck........and sending come home vibes to your kitty.
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Good luck!
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Any news????
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I would suggest using the trap - I know u said u live in an apt complex. HOw about you put the trap out EARLY in the morning OR during the night then WATCH and as soon as the cat you want gets in, the trap will spring closed. You can do that on the weekends then sleep in during the weekend in the daytime.

I live in an apt complex myself and did that- I put out the trap with food then watched thru the sliding door and as soon as the cat got in and was trapped, I removed the trap. I did it at like 8 pm.

HOPE u find ur baby!! Hang in there and talk to people at work- u might find another cat-lover who would be happy to help u look for ur baby..

Keep us posted!
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So far, no good news yet... Thanks for the suggestions. My problem is that I leave quite early in the morning and come home pretty late. I am worried that by now, Milukhu has gone out of the vacinity of my area. She must be really scared by now. I am hoping that someone actually did take her indoors... I am still looking for her though. I keep on finding the same stray (that looks like her)around my apartment... Does anyone know if strays will communicate among cats? Maybe the strays will tell my kitty that I've been looking for her. I know it's stupid, but I almost want to talk to that kitty to tell her to tell Milukhu to come home and that her mom is looking for her, if she sees her. I am sure Milukhu wants to come home, she is just lost and doesn't remember that she lives upstairs? I hope she'll find her way back soon! I am so sad without her, so is her sister...
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Pamela, how long did it take to catch your kitty? And how many tries did it take? Did you do it right after your kitty ran out? It's been 3 weeks since my baby ran out! I don't know if it's too late to do the trap... I am worried that I might trap a lot of other animals (not only stray cats, but skunks and other little animals...) that come down from the back hillside.
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It took me a couple weeks to trap the kitty. Actually I intended to catch a wounded cat but ended up trapping the kitty. I found a home for the kitty. Now I am trying to trap the wounded cat and it has been over 3 weeks now so it takes time and patience.I have to go to work early and work late also so I am in the same boat as you are. I only set traps out on the weekends when I 'm home and can stay up late or get up really early to try to trap the cat.

If you see an animal approaching the trap that you DON'T want to trap, just go near the door or open the door and they'll run off. That's what I did- if I saw a cat approaching the trap that I didn't want to trap, I'd open the door and the cat would run off.

If you DO trap a wild animal, you can just release them. It's no biggie. If you trap another cat, you can release the cat OR you call one of those no-kill cat shelters and see if they could take the cat in.

It's never too late so pls do try the trap!! Also check under cars like KC65 mentioned. Hang in there and think positive.
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any news?
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Don't give up. It took me 3 weeks to get my kitty back and I used the trap. Keep trying and use the trap.
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your kitty!! I hope that your search for her is still ongoing, though I am sure it is.

I was reading your thread, trying to think of something, anything, that might help, and I thought of this: have you tried calling private rescues as well as the shelter? I thought maybe you could go to, and on that website, they have a link (at the top, called "Shelters and Rescue Groups") that will tell you all the local shelters and private rescues run by people in the area. I think this is where I would start if this happened to me, and I would just call every single one. Also, I went to, and typed in "lost pet" and a ton of websites came up (and you can search inside each website by your zip code). Maybe you can post a picture, or look to see if someone has posted a picture of your kitty there, if they found her.

I hope this helps...I wish I could do more!!! I am sending positive thoughts and vibes your way.
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I wonder if you could calm your kitty down enough so that she might come out of hiding with this product Feliway. Or if you are trapping, spay the pheromone around the trap to ease any anxiety about entering.

I just bought a plug-in last week and was amazed that in a day, my fearful kitty calmed down.
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Good luck.

Sending out best wishes and lots of luck to you.
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I'm sending good thoughts your way! hope you find your kitty!
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Thanks everyone for all the nice thoughts and ideas. It's been raining a lot this week here in So. California and I've been very sick with a flu. I keep on wondering maybe my kitty will come back upstairs to hide from the harsh rain. When she was a kitten, before I took her and her sister in (they were lost, stray kittens), the used to play around the stairway to my apartment and then slowly migrated up to my deck (even though they were scared, eventually they didn't want to leave). Right before I decided to take them in, I remember it was raining very hard and I opened my front door to see if they were around... once I opened the door, they came running up the stairs from no where, I was so surprised. I keep on doing that nowadays, every once in a while... thinking Milukhu will dash up the stairs like she did when she was a kitten... but I haven't seen her yet. It's been 34 days since she's been missing... I just hope she's okay.
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I am estatic to report that my baby Milukhu finally found her way back home! It was amazing! Tonight, exactly 6 weeks since her disappearnce... she came back. As I was gathering my stuff from getting out of my car from my garage coming home from work, I saw the backside of a kitty and it ran up the side steps near my apartment, but in the opposite direction. I thought to myself, it must be that "Milukhu-Lookalike" who always steal food from the bowl I leave out for Milukhu. But, for some odd reason, while struggling with all the stuff I was carrying I decided to head towards that direction and let out several meows just for the heck of it. I didn't see the kitty so headed back to the path which leads to my upstairs unit at the apartment complex. As I was opening my front door, I saw a kitty by the bottom of the stairway, I walked over to the top of the stairway, looked down... there was my baby Milukhu eyes wide, wide open, crying at me so LOUD! It was as if she was yelling, " Mommy, I am here! Come get me!" I didn't want to run down stairs and scare her away, since she has been gone for a long time... I did however, threw down my stuff and went inside to get some food so I can feed her. When I opened the door again with the food, Milukhu was already half way up the stairs! I knew she knew she found her home... but she was still frightened. Her eyes were so wide and kept crying at me. I came down the stairs, sat down with her for a minute to watch her eat... for only a few minutes time, she started to rub against me. That was when I knew I could pick her up and finally bring her back upstairs to her home. It was so amazing! I can't even imagine what she's endured to finally find her mom! I am sure those several small "meows" I let out gave her the confirmation that she's close to her home. I am so glad I did that. She's lost so much weight though, it hurts to see her so thin and so filthy. Her snow white paws and tummy are no longer any shade of white, but instead- just grey. Her voice is no longer as sweet and innocent, but has grown very coarse. I hope she's alright, health-wise. I know she's been somewhat traumatized. And, I do believe she has been chased by male cats... no longer innocent. Tonight, when I was combing her, she attacked me (sort of mad) when I got to her rear area. She used to love me petting her rear and hitting her hind... but now, she's very upset with it. (I have 2 scratches on my face now! gosh, hope won't scar!) I know she's been through so much and it's going to take a while to get her back to normal (if she's ever going to be normal as before...) I feel so sorry that she lost her innocence, am sure she had to fend for herself in the dangerous outdoors. Now, she is quite a fiesty kitty, though still sweet and very attached to me all night. I guess I need to observe her more before I head over to the vet for checkup. I really want to take her for a checkup, but was advised by some to let her get used to her home again, before traumatizing her again. Any other thoughts to this? She's all knotted up (since she's a long hair cat, I used to brush her everyday) and with fleas! Gosh, she's never had dirt on her body! Immediately I used frontline on her... hope by tomorrow, she'll feel better.

I have another dilema now. Even though my prayer's been answered, my baby's home!! Her sister, Bumpy doesn't seem to welcome her back. Bumpy continuously hisses at her sister and won't let her go around the apartment much. Bumpy keeps on staring and watches Milukhu's every move... I don't want them to fight, since Milukhu's changed quite a bit... I am not sure what is going on with Bumpy's behavior. I know she enjoyed being the only baby in the family for a while, but they always got along and I thought Bumpy missed Milukhu too while she was gone. I don't understand and am quite worried since I cannot watch them all the time. At this point, I just want Milukhu to start gaining weight and getting cleaned up (and hopefully w/ a clean bill of health), the last thing I want is for my two babies to not get along. At first, Bumpy wanted to chase her out the door, when I brought Milukhu inside. Doesn't she remember her own sister? What can I do? Does anyone have any sound advise? Plus, is it too soon to take Milukhu to the vet? What kind of behavior should I expect now? I know she remembers everything now, but it's just that her own scent is probably gone and only Bumpy's scent's occupying the apartment... probably intimidating? I hope they become friends again. I wanted to give Milukhu a bath tonight, but after she scatched my face, I decided to wait... What can I use to clean her up for the time being? She is really filthy... but still with a beautiful face. =)

I want to thank everyone who responded with a post to help me with my search for Milukhu and all the nice thoughts!! I really really appreciate all the support. I am so happy my baby's home, I still cannot believe that after all this time she was still in the apartment complex. She must have searched hard too! Thanks much everyone! Please let me know if anyone's got any advise from this point on.
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Congradulations! I'm glad she's home!!!
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Thanks a lot, Marcy. Your babies are adorable. =)
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This is such good news. I kept hoping that she would find her way back.

As for the issues with Bumpy, I'd think that you should keep them separate for a bit, treat this like a new cat introduction. And you don't know what health problems she may have picked up, so you should probably have a vet check her out before she is reintegrated into the household.

But what wonderful news!!!!!
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I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! It will take time for the cats to accept each other so be patient and introduce them solowly to each other. I'd recommend taking her to the vet to make sure everything's okay before allowing her to mingle with the other cat.
Again, I am very very happy that u have ur baby bac!!!!
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I almost cried out of joy when I read that she is home! Yippeee!!!!!

Regarding the aggression, cats tend to lose their memory of each other relatively quickly. Since they have been separated for so long, it is just like bringing a completely new cat into the home for Bumpy. I would recommend following the recommendations below to reintroduce the two. Also, because you don't know what Milukhu may have been exposed to when she was out, you may want to keep them separated until she gets a clean bill of health from the vet.

Anyway, here are the recommendations for reintroducing the two cats. I hope they help!

Here is what I think is the best way to introduce a new cat into the home:

Introducing a New Cat

First, put the new kitty in her own room. She will need to stay there for a couple of weeks, so make sure it is comfortable for her with litter box, water, and food. This will allow your old cat to get used to the sounds and smells of a new cat without having her territory invaded.

After a couple of days, start trading scents between the cats. Rub the new cat (especially around the cheeks) with a slightly damp towel and then go rub the old cat with the same towel (and vice versa. This way she will associate the scent of the new cat with good things (being rubbed and getting attention). Do this several times daily.

After one week, lock up your old cat and let the new cat out for the night or for a few hours. Do not yet allow the new and old cats to be together. Do this for one week.

By the end of week two, your old cat is going to be really curious about what is going on with the cat behind the door. You can try bringing the new cat out with the old cat for brief visits. As soon as the new cat comes out, give them some tuna or some other really yummy treat. This way they associate great things with the other cat. Put the new cat back in her room after a brief period of time. Make sure you keep any aggression from occurring (GENTLY toss a pillow at the aggressor).

Gradually increase the amount of time the cats are together. I recommend keeping new kitty in her room over night for at least a third week. When the cats are out together, make sure you give
lots of attention to the old cat so she knows that she is the top kitty.

Expect lots of hissing and perhaps a swat here and there. But...this should keep any real aggression from occurring. The hissing will stop once they establish their hierarchy and get used to each other.

Most importantly....have lots of patience and take things sloooooowly!
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Congratulations!!! I'm sooo happy for you and Milukhu!!! Poor baby must be soooo glad to be home with you. Love her lots and give her a gentle squeeze for me.


The fact that she doesn't like her rear touched may mean she has a sore or infection of some kind. When my kitty came home after being lost she had a couple healed over sores, too.

I took my kitty to the vet the same morning she came home. She had lost over 2 pounds and was only 4 pounds of skin and bones after a month away from home. The vet visit was not a bit traumatic and she purred during the whole visit — something she never has done before nor since. I think if it were me, I would take Milukhu in for my peace of mind and hopefully the vet has a groomer that can also give her a bath at the same time. Get it all taken care of at once (and of course use a sturdy cat carrier).

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omg that is such wonderful news! I am sooooo happy for you!
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Yay!!!! I'm so happy your baby found her way home.
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This is sooooo fantastic!!!! I love happy endings!!!
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Thank you Myste, Sammie5, Pamela, Lotsocats, Maui, Kiwideus, Jgaruba, LorieD...

My problem is that I live in a small apartment that's less than 800 square feet w/ living room, dining room, kitchen all in one open area. I only have one bedroom with the restroom inside. And, the restroom is quite small. I don't know how I should separate the two kitties. I feel bad for both of them. Bumpy doesn't want to share her home anymore, and Milukhu seems to know it and has been sitting in the 3 sectioned kitty house (used to be bumpy's)that she didn't used to fit in since today. She'd follow me around when Bumpy is hiding in her own bed... and I had to spoon feed her for her to eat. She doesn't eat as much either. The dry food she once loved is now ignored, and when I opened a can of tuna flavor food, she kepted on meowing for it, but didn't end up eating very much of it. I know they are kind of threatened by each other's existence, but I really can't put one kitty inside my bedroom, (there isn't the space) and I know they will end up hiding under my bed, as they've done in the past when sneaking in. Last night, Milukhu kept on meowing for me outside my door and started to shred the carpet again- as she did when she was a kitten. I kept on coming out of my room and held her, tried to tuck her in... she seemed really really tired from her outdoor adventure, but she won't go to sleep unless she knows I am around. I think she knows I am here to protect her from Bumpy's aggression. But, I don't want Bumpy to be ignored either. Oh boy, I don't know what to do... But, at least Milukhu still remembers how to use the litter box. I hope she keeps it up... but worry when I am not around, that Bumpy will chase her out of it while she's "going" in it. What will happen if I don't separate my two babies? Will they be okay with it sooner or later? It's so surprising to me that Bumpy doesn't even remember her sister- they used to do everything together, and slept together when it was cold! I am amazed that Milukhu remembers me and her home so well, while not understanding why Bumpy has a short memory of her. I do think both of them are fighting over me. They both want me around, but by their own side only...

I am planning to take Milukhu to the vet next Saturday for check up. I couldn't get an appointment today and weekdays I can't get there in time before they close. I am hoping by then, Milukhu will be better adjusted. I've been useing a wet warm towel to wipe her down since she is still very dirty (compared to before) and she seems to love it. Maybe I can wash her soon. What's a good kitty shampoo to use for knotted hair? She's go so much bumps of knots all over her underside... poor girl. I hate seeing her like that... and I know she hates it too... she loves to be clean.

Yes, patience seems to be key here...

Kisses from Milukhu
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Congratulations on the return of Milukhu.

I haven't had much experience wiht badly knotted fur, just slightly knotted fur.

What I did was basically the best brushing job I have ever done on a kitten. It was a grooming session and I did my best to brush out many of the knots as I could. It is best to remove all knots before bathing as sometimes afterwards, the problem can get worse.

I bathed my kitty afterwards with a shampoo and then used a conditioner as well mainly concentrating on the knots. They did come out.

You will need patience, (I'm sure you have plenty), and someone else with an equal amount of patience to assist you while you are bathing Milukhu.

Alternatively you could splash out and pay a professional groomer. Though this could traumatise Milukhu as she did just return home to you.
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It's been a day short of two weeks since Milukhu came home. By now, I've cut most of her tangled up, matted long hair off. With that, she's been a good girl for the most part. She has gained some weight back and started to eat like a little piggy as she once did. But, it's also like we're back to square one. She's got pooping problems again. I have 3 litter boxes for her and her sister, but since I think the reason she ran out the house before was because she had a bad experience with the litter box; and I have no idea what happened, other than maybe she got her rear end dirty and it scared her as it once did when she was young. Couple of times she pooped on the carpet, and another few times I knew she was going to go, so I carried her into the litter box and she went right away. Since the day she came home, she did pee in the litter box... that is until tonight. She seemed upset and peed on my blanket that was on the couch! I wasn't sure why she was using the box for peeing and not for pooping. But, now I am wondering why she's peeing outside of the box. I hope it's just tonight that she did this. Also, I do believe Bumpy does not like to share her things anymore... but, I'd think having 3 litter boxes, one open and 2 covered, should be enough for 2 cats. And, I clean them constantly. Actually, Milukhu's changed quite a bit... she'll hit me all of a sudden when I'm holding her, which she didn't know how to do before. But, she's really attached to me, always looking for me and want to be able to see me. I thought this week, she was getting better, almost back to her old self... but then sometimes, she'd act all scared and search for a spot to hide. She almost dashed out of my sliding door to the balcony tonight when I went out there to get some new litter... I scared her back in just in time. I think she feels ashamed that she did a boo boo, just like last time before she ran out. I don't know how to fix this problem. When she was younger, she had the same exact problem for at least 6 months... but slowly she got more comfortable with the litter boxes, I don't know what's going on now and with her new behavior problem I really don't know what to do! Please help me once again, thanks!
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I can't give you a lot of help, but some of the others who have posted on this thread are very knowledgeable and can help you more. Did you take Milukhu to the vet to be examined after she came back home? Also, did the vet find anything wrong with Milukhu?
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