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Kitten Falling off Balcony...

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So i have tons of cats as some of you may know.. My cats/kittens love to sit on my balcony in the back yard i live in a duplex so i live on the second floor.. I let my cats out everyday when i come back from the college and i let them sit and play these cats have never caused me any problems before. So... I go outside to bring in all the cats for supper, so i realized Momo one of my 7 month old kitten is missing i hear a kitten crying from a distance and i realized it was coming from down stairs.. so i run downstairs in the back and i see Mo sitting on the chair and he isn't moving around, all he is doing is crying so i go to grab him the first thing i notice is that his Mouth is all scratched up and bloody so i am freaking out at this point, then i run upstairs and i put him down while i grab some antiseptics and i see him limping I immediately notice his right legs bone is sticking out i screamed i mean i screamed! i picked him up trying to sooth him and i noticed his bone was dislocated, me doing this before to myself put it back in place and voila, the cat jumped out of my arms running around, odd yes.. still scared going to the vet definitely.. Has this ever occurred to anyone?
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Wow glad he is ok and u are still going to the vets, sometimes tendons and things can get trapped when the bone is put back so the vet will probably check that, I wonder if cats are like humans who dislocate there shoulders, one they have done it once itis more likely to happen again
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No cause my cats are strictly indoors. But I would put some mesh or screen or something around the balcony for safety in the future.

Count your lucky stars you were not at the vet - next time you may not be so lucky (nor will the cat)!
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I too am glad to hear he is doing fine.
I had my siamese fall from 4th floor a few years ago. I was not in town, but my mom, who took care of her, told me she went missing for about 24 hours, and was then found in the neighbor's garage. She was ok, no broken bones, no internal bleeding, only a bit of blood in the back of one of her eyes, but that was it. She was, of course, scared to death, and very hungry. I once heard some cats are believed to be willing to give their own lives if they sense that their ownner's is in danger. This same cat died a few years later, she fell from the same window, but couldn't make it this time.
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I reccomend buying wooden lattice (1.5 feet high) and wiring it to the bottom of your balcony fencing. That's what I did, the cats still only go on the balcony supervised, but this way no accidental roll-offs. You def. need something, it's just not safe.
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Will Def put a mesh up on the balcony i can't face what happened again, scary as it was i am glad Mo is okay..
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Oh my goodness ........ you are a stronger person than I am ... I wouldnt have been able to stomach that. Thank God that little baby is ok. Make sure whatever it is you put up that they cannot scratch through it, if they saw a squirrel or another animal they wanted to go after.
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