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More cats? Asking for trouble?

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I hope you don't mind my questions...I have enough of them!lol! I enjoy learning and feel like I have learned a ton about cats by reading different newsgroups, forumns etc. There is always SO much more to learn, though!

What I was wondering is this: While I probably will not be getting another cat/kitten anytime soon, I debate getting one once in awhile. I frequent my County Humane Society quite often, and think, I know I could provide a good home for another cat. Now, as you can see by my signature, I already have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My husband is probably at his limit. Well, as far as dogs are concerned, definitely, we won't be getting another dog. We have 2 busy boxers that are more than enough pleasure for us! Our old Poodle wouldn't appreciate the addition of another dog, either...lol. Cats, however, are somewhat of another issue. Our cats are so laid back and low key, sometimes, it is like not even having a cat...they are not cuddle-bugs, both are very independent and both are my daughters cats. My daughter, Alida, is a true cat person. The cats are always with her in her room getting loved up, etc. I guess what it amounts to is that if they are cuddle-bugs, they are doing it with her, instead of me!

How many cats are too many? How many pets are too many? Are having more than 2 cats, pressing my luck? By getting another cat, would I be risking developing inappropriate elimination with the new cat, or my existing cats? All of my pets receive the best of care, good food, and I can provide those things for another cat. I just wonder if it is a good idea to add another to the mix I have. I also wonder...is having this many pets NORMAL? Do other folks have this many pets?

I am also debating if and when I get another cat...will I buy from another breeder? I love my Duncan to pieces. He is so unique, so different from anything I have ever had. He is a true beauty. I think it would be fun to have another purebred cat. I keep thinking about a beautiful cream/mitted Ragdoll. I seen one in a breeders magazine and absolutely fell in love with it. I also hear that they are cuddly type kitties that like to be handled a lot. That is what I am looking for. I am also a fan of larger cats, and that would also suit me fine. I don't want a rambunctious wild cat...I want a nice cuddly one. I then go visit at our Humane Society and see so many beautiful mixed breed cats. I was out there the other day and everyone of them walked across their cages to see me. One was licking on me and purring. I would just love to take one home, but, I will not do it, unless I know I am making a well thought out decision. So...I am so sorry for the very long post, but, please if you have the time, let me know what you all think...
Cindy W.
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You are the only one who can determine how many cats are too many. If you can afford the best quality food, excellent vet care, and can keep your cats happy then you can call it good. Any time you add another cat to the mix you are going to find that the heirarchy has been affected and if you add them quickly without keeping them separated at first, you could end up with a large unexpected vet bill.

You take into consideration how much space you have, do your cats get to get away from the others if they really need to? Does you house already smell like you have multiple cats? Do people look at you funny when you check out at the grocery store with 53 cans of 9-Lives food?

There are so many cats that need homes, if you can keep up the quality of care for the ones you have and also afford to add another one safely, then go for it.
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In an answer to your question do other people have mulitple animals. Well we have 3 dogs and 7 cats. We live in a 3 bedroom house with 4 children. And I have had compliments on the fact that my house does not smell like animal. So it can be done. As to where to get a cat that is another ball of wax. It really depends on what you want for yourself.
And as a little side note I want to add that Persians are very loveable and in most cases very reliant on their human because of the attention they get with a good breeder. For example frequent baths and grooming. Ragdolls like you said are also know for being cuddly.
Good luck with your decision.
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Well for me... when I start to really get pressed for time, or get more easily frustrated with the animals or other things around the house, that typically means I have more animals then I have time for.

If you like to help out animals so much and you like to have "more and more" have you considered just fostering for a while?

That way you can say to your fiance... "Just think, the cat isn't perminate, we get to enjoy our time together, but ultimatly the little fella goes to a new home."

If I had adopted every cat I ever wanted or ever came into this house.. I would be in so much trouble, hahaha.
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As you can see from my username, I am owned by 10 cats. This is nothing I had ever planned on, we adopted our "fourth and final" cat only to find out a few weeks later that she was pregnant. We couldn't find good, responsible homes for the kittens and kept all 6 of them.

Yes, it is insane sometimes. But I wouldn't trade a moment of it. Ok, I would trade her going into labor in the middle of our bed while I was sleeping in it, but not the rest.
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