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Experimenting on Impact

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So, I just tried the vinegar rinse on our pet bengal boy, Impact. He's not dry yet so I can't post the results until a bit later.

He loves wading around in the tub full of water, but once I got the shampoo out, he was less than impressed and grumbled the whole time. I don't think he cared about the vinegar smell, he just wanted to dry off and get away from the stinky shampoo.

Smelled good to me.

I'll try to get some pics of him in a bit. He's kinda busy right now.
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Waiting patiently for your results/thoughts. If it turns out good, you'll do the kittens for this weekend?
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Hmmm....he doesn't seem significantly more shiny to me. He's normally very shiny. He does feel softer, but that could be from the bath itself. He doesn't smell of vinegar at all.....which is good.
I'm going to try it on the show boys before their show this weekend. It obviously didn't hurt anything and maybe it does make a bit of a difference.

Ok, here are the after pics............

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Well I don't know if it made a difference but what a beautiful boy
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I'd always heard it was to cut the soap, and haven't found it adds shine. Gorgeous boy you have there either way
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Nial - if you are showing two kittens - try washing them both in the same shampoo and only do one with the vinegar rinse and see if there is a difference in their coats/showing.

After another day Charlie's coat is still nice and soft but I don't see increased shine - he's just the normal shiny.
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I'm showing Cypress (6 months old) and Loki (2.5 years old). I might do the vinegar rinse on both of them, since it will be hard for me to compare them. Pelt texture and contrast is different between them.

Impact still looks good and feels much softer today. I think it did help some.
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he is absolutely gorgeous
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I'll try the vinegar rinse today on the LH cats I'm bathing!
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