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Help!! I Don't Know What To Do!!!!

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For the past 3 or 4 days, I have been seeing this beautiful border collie, black and white running up and down the highway close to my house!
Finally last night coming home from Wal-Mart, Jace and I saw her again!
She is running with her nose down, I know why now, she is trying to find her owners, I believe! Those dogs are so smart, so anyway I turned around and pulled over, I watched as she crossed the highway infront of Trucks and cars, I thought I was going to go crazy, she finally came to us! I had just bought some cat food and I was going to feed her! She came to me and just fell out on the ground, rolled over on her back and let me pet her for a while, then she jumped in the car w/Jace, she was in my seat! or I would of just got in and took her home then, well we tried to get her in the back seat, and she jumped out and ran into the hwy. again almost got run over again! By this time I was in tears, it was like she could leave that area, cause her owner might come back and find her....I know that is why she is searching!
I did feed her some food, and she ate it! I noticed she had had a collar on at one time because of the indention around her neck! I don't know what to do!
I have my 4 cats, if I bring her here....I'm not even worried about that right now.... I'm worried how do I get her first????? I know she will be run over if she hasn't been already... What do I do???? ya'll I need some advice!!!!
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Go back with some treats if you can and see if you can't coax her into your car again. Once you have her there you can take her to a vet or shelter to see if she has a chip. Gosh, I hope she's still ok. If she's not chipped and if you can hang onto her put up posters in the area you found her. And Bless you for wanting to help this dog... I hope you can find her and her home.
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I'd get the dog back in your car and roll up the windows so she doesn't escape. Maybe even buy a cheap leash to leash her. Then take her home; if you have a garage or shed or basement where she can be confined so you can check her out, call the number on the collar, etc. - do that.

You might even call your vet and find out how much it would be to scan the dog for microchips.

If you can't keep her and can't contact the owners, then call a Sheltie/Collie Rescue group in your area and see if anyone can help.

If none of that pans out, you can keep her and rehome her yourself.
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I'd go and get her and take her to a no kill animal shelter. Or foster her yourself and post posters around the area you live in and run a free ad in the newspaper.

She will be run over if someone doesn't do something. Bring food and bribe her into the back seat of your car.
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Most vets will scan a stray dog/cat for free.
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Try wet food, something stinky. I've gotten scared dogs with Meow Mix wet food before....or try KFC....that's stinky. I suggest a leash because she could easily panick once in your car.
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Ohh... KFC!

Do come back and tell us how it goes.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Ohh... KFC!

Do come back and tell us how it goes.
I have a craving for KFC right now & just happened to open this thread....hence the suggestion!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I have a craving for KFC right now & just happened to open this thread....hence the suggestion!
now i had tears in my eyes, and ya'll made me crack up!!! thanks
I'm going to see and she doesn't have a collar I can tell where she had one!!
I just thought of something I noticed a mailbox was crunched and the bumper of the car was left about the same time i noticed seeing her! I'm going to investigate and hopefully get her! Why wouldn't someone come back for her, I bet they wrecked and she ran off scared they probably thought she died. they were probably drunk and didn't ran around but I would have come back and search for my dog though!! Wish me luck and send me vibes! I'll be back in touch!
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Good luck Monique! that you find her still safe!
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Good luck catching her! It does sound like she's looking for her owners, and you never know what could have happened...maybe her owners aren't able to look for her right now, if there was an accident. Be careful feeding her cat food though. I know that was the only thing you had with you, and a little bit won't really hurt an adult dog (probably just give him the runs a little bit) but a lot can hurt them. I don't know why cats can eat dog food, but not the other way around. Either get canned dog food (it stinks!) or KFC is a great suggestion! (now I'm craving chicken too).

Definitely sounds like a friendly pup! I hope you can get her before she gets hurt.
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I agree with the others, take something that will smell good to her... hot dogs might be a good choice. Have a leash handy but don't let her see it... a lot of dogs will run at the sight of a leash. Good luck catching her!!
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Are Border Collies like Shelties? My mom has two of those. They are the smartest dogs that I have seen. I hope you find him safe and can get him back in your car. Let us know!!
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Border collies are black and white, like the dogs in "Babe" If you've seen that movie! They are incredibly smart... almost too smart LOL!
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Oh, I dearly love border collies... I hope you can bring her home with you before she gets hurt! Please keep us posted...
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Sorry it's taken so long, I did go back wm for dog food, dry and wet,
I found her at this ladies house across the hwy. she said she would keep her there for a few days, in the meantime in the morning I will put out 2 or 3 adds in the local papers, I talked to a girl at the human society today, she said she would do what she could but they are full as far as foster homes for her, I have a feeling maybe the owners will come forth! God love her she is a doll! here is her pic. it was dark, not a very good one!
Thanks ya'll!!!!I will stay in touch about her!!!!
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I am so glad she is OK!! You are great for doing this for her. I am sure her owners are looking for her and will be so happy someone is taking care of her. At least, I hope her owners are looking for her....
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Aww, shes a pretty 'lil thing.

I hope her owners come forward, and if she is lost/dumped, I hope she can find a loving forever home!!!
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Thanks ya'll!
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Aww... I love collies. I'm so glad to hear that she's safe and sound now and even has up to 3 heros!
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I'm glad she is safe, and I hope you're able to find her owners! She is a beautiful girl!!
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If I were to bring her to my house, how would I introduce her to my cats?
I'm scared one of them would run off, or her, my cats are used to going in and out, and hang close to the house! I don't have a fenced in backyard or anything, I just can't put my finger on what it is exactly I'm suppose to do with her. This morning I called all the vets. told them about her, etc. I called our local radio station, where you are on live and told the listeners about her!
I have also left a message for my across the street neighbors to call me, it could be one of their bc's. or maybe they might want her!I have also called my best friend, she wants me to call her hubby tonight, ask him if he might want her, they just put down her GS. he was very sick, w/seizsures about 2 to 3 wks ago! They would be so good to her!
Something good will happen, I just know it!!!!
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Greatly appreciated!!!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
call the number on the collar, etc. - do that.
The OP said there was no collar - she could see where there had been a collar.
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