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Chaos stinks BAD

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I've noticed that Chaos smells really bad. He constantly smells like poop! Especially when coming out of his litter box he stinks SO BAD! We completely change the litter every other week and scoop it daily as well.

I was thinking that it maybe his feed. He gets Innova evo (1/4 cup) mixed with bench and fields holistic line (1/4 cup) a day and then 1/2 a can of innova evo canned food split into 3 feeding. I hear that sometimes the evo can cause a cat to be a little stinky could maybe it be the food?
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If the kitten has no worms or other internal problems then it could be the food - maybe have a vet check for worms or parasites first. Higher quality foods usually cause less odors.
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While EVO is a fantastic food, it is very rich and not all cats can tolerate it. I am lucky that Abby has no problems with it.

I agree that worms and parasites should be ruled out.
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I have the same problem. I'm feeding my kitty Buffalo Blue. Can anyone recommend a less rich premium dry food? Thanks.
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We feed Royal Canin with no problems in health or elimination smells
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We've switched to the wellness kitten formula and so far he has stopped smelling (except when he just comes from the litter box). His box still has an odor strong enough to gag an elephant after he first goes potty but atleast he doesn't smell anymore.
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It took my cats about a month and a half to get used to Innova Evo. It's REALLY rich stuff and until your kitty gets used to it he will probably have a bloated belly, be gassy, and have stinky poo. :P

If he's doing better on the Wellness then maybe you should just stick to that instead.
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Well my kitty doesn't seem to smell anymore. I guess it was just a matter of getting used to the new food. Here's a picture of her by the way.

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You might need to get your cats anal glands expressed.

My cat stinky smell like butt for a really long time till I took him into the vet and told them to check his anal glands.

They told me they were full, clogged, and had a terrible smell. ( YUCK! )

My cat no longer stinks, but he is still named Stinky..lol
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