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two small questions

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I have two small questions about my (oh, surprise!) two cats.

Our 2 yr. old female DSH (Kermitte) has had a new playmate join her about 3 months ago. We've noticed that whenever Kermitte and Elmo play together, Kermitte nearly always flips over onto her back and bats at him from there. I know in dogs, being on their back with feet up is a submissive sign. Is it the same for cats?

Second question is this. Our 5 month old DLH (Elmo) is getting close to the 6 month old mark, where he'll go see my boss (his vet) for the big snip-snip ( ). Recently, he's become less cuddly. He doesn't purr as much, and doesn't cuddle as much. Is he likely to get more cuddly after the operation? As a general rule... do neutered males (altered) tend to be more affectionnate to people and other cats than intact males?
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From what I HEARD.. exposing the belly is a sign of total trust. I don't know if submissive is the word, but I guess if he is trusing totally it is a kind of submission, right?

And again, just from what I've heard - cats do become more loveable and more into their humans after being neutered, because they become a lot more content. That is why they tend to gain a lot of weight afterwards!
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ages 2 1/2 to 6. They are all very affectionate.
The two that I adopted as kittens were 'snipped' when they
were about 6 months old. Neither seemed to change much, but they
were very friendly kittens. They also havent really gained weight.
The 6 years olds have been at the same weight for 4 years.

I've also heard that the 'on the back' pose relates to trust.
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