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Kittens update at 3 weeks *cute pics!!*

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Just a few more pics of pixie's 4 kittens - they are 3 weeks old today and getting really interested in exploring around now. They are doing really well, all weigh between 10 and 12 ounces which is average for their age and Pixie is feeling well again, thank goodness after her being poorly last week, she is eating like a horse now - I have de-wormed her so she should have a clean bill of health now!

Enjoy the pics anyway......

First of all group pic:

and Individuals;

This is Jasper, he has white bib, paws etc... unlike his brother who doesn't have any white at all. One of my oldest friends is going to have him and calling him Jasper which I think is such a cute name for such a cutie kitten!

Next is Jaspers orange brother Casper (unofficial name!) He's the biggest kitten, but supprisingly one of the shyist!

This is Ziggy, the smallest, she (we think) is a stunner and always gazing up at us with her chum Jasper! Another good friend is keeping her.

and finally Brian, the little black and white sweetheart, he has such a gorgeous face and is always first to great us when we walk in the room!

Brian and Casper playing;

Ziggy and Jasper;


Hope you like them x
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Originally Posted by nicochick View Post
OMG this one is adorable.

And I see you have Ryu's 2 little brothers, could you return them please.
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Ok, I'm confused!! You've nicked my names!!

My tortie and white mummy is called Ziggy, her tortie and white daughter is called Pixie.... wierd eh? Is Pixie tortie by any chance. (I also have two orange and white boys and a black and white tabby girl!!!- kittens) My kitties were 3 weeks on Friday. Isn't it great watching them get around!! Diego is an orange boy and very large!! He darts under the waredrobe when people come in the room.

Your kitties are sooo sweet. Good Luck with them!!
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Hi Sadieandziggy, yes Pixie is a tortie! We were actually watching big brother at the time when we named Brian and Ziggy! Sad I know! But it does suit both of them I think! I've been watching your kitties progress, it's so much fun isn't it - they do more and more every day! Ours are close in age too! Can't believe how quick the time has gone, I don't want them growing up too quickly!
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Awww, they're soooo cute!!!
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It's quite sad because my names all come from childrens tv or a nintendo game (except Pixie) Ziggy came from Lazytown, my son was obbsessed with that programme when we first got her and there was no way I was calling her Sporticus!! Diego is the Tiger in Ice Age and Link is from the Zelda game although I can't help but call him Links. Pixies are just the cutest of creatures from childhood storytime and it seemed perfect for a tortie!!

Just took aload of pics of Pixie and Diego so I'll Start a thread later.

Isn't the colouring of all our kittens ironic!! Theres another similar set on here too!!
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awww those babies are soo adorable! the pic of the two kitties playing is so precious!
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Awww I'd take those red head boys

And yes Ziggy's a girl - she's a brown patched tabby/white
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OMG! I'm in love!! All kittens are cute at that age, but they have to be the cutest! Thanks for sharing.
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OMG could they be any cuter!??! I wish I could have a house full of kittens!
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they are so cute I love to see kittens play
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I am in love with Ziggy. Love her coloring. Of course they all are little darlings.
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too cute!!!!

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Ohmy, what adorable babies! Can we see a pic of the mom?
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Ahh! They are SO adorable! I cant wait to get our little ones next month.
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The are ALL adorable...

.... but, Ziggy is my favorite
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They are all so cute!! Especially Jasper and Casper.
Btw, my cat's name is Casper
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They are absolutely irresistable adorable.
I didn't see a cuteness warning here, but it was due!
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