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It just sort of zoomed passed me...

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My 8,000th post that is.

I just want to thank everyone at TCS for being so kind and helping me through some of the bad and good times.

and to you all.
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After a while they do seem to sneak up on you. Congrats and hope to see you for #10,000!
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Hey, they do sneak up on one don't they.

It's great to have you as part of this wonderful community. Congratulations on your achievement.
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WOW! That IS alot! Congrats It's amazing how quickly they add up.

From commenting on cute kitties, from advise on food, commenting on litter, welcoming new members, general chit-chat... they really do just add up.
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Congrats and sheesh you talk a lot!

Just kidding!

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Congrats on having 8,000. posts.
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Holy moley, that's a lot. Congratulations on hitting the eight thou marker!
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They do seem to fly right on by don't they?
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Congrats, on your 8000 post.
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