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hi everyone, on my previous thread we mentioned how Indie had lily pollen on his mouth and nose and we thought he could have ingested it. GOOD NEWS he is ok and has no permanent damage BAD NEWS he has two ulcers on his tongue from licking his nose with the pollen on it. He's ok but very sleepy, we took him to the vet to be sure he was alright and because he was struggling to eat his dry food. he has had some painkillers and should clear up in a few days! i assure you all lilies will never enter my home again or come anywhere near my kittens. i just wish i had known how dangerous they were before my little trooper is sleeping but i was wondering if any of you can suggest foods which may be easier for him to chew???? we are giving him whiskers kitten food which is kind of like a paste, is this ok???????
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Thats great news~ So glad he is doing ok.
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You can try HI LIFE. Its like the canned whiskers food but better for him.

Glad he's okay. Since reading your first thread about this I've done some research of my own. Thank You for opening my eyes.
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I am happy to hear your kitty is alright
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I'm so glad he's ok!
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You might even get him some KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer)... might be very soothing to the poor little guy.
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