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icky ears

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Bastet, my six month old bengal, has "ear dirt". What is the best/ safest way to clean her ears? She's pretty laid back about anything inolving grooming.
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Could it be ear mites? I recommend that you take her to the vet to rule out mites.

The vet can also give you an ear cleaning solution. The way that works is you squirt a little in each ear and rub it around and then wipe the excess cleaner and dirt out with a cotton ball.

They also sell ear cleaner at the pet stores, but again... make sure it's not ear mites causing the dirty ears.
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Have your vet check for ear mites first. If its just dirt or wax you can use a cotton ball and clean them out.

I use a q-tip but you have to be careful and hold the head still and the ear back so you don't go in too deep. Some say never to use the q-tip - but I've never had a problem with using them for kittens to adult cats.
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If the vet says it's just gunk, not mites or an infection, you can use either cotton balls or "kitty ear wipes". I use these on Bella's ears. She's prone to a lot of gunk in her ears, so we do a regular cleaning every 10 days or so. Stanley's ears tend to be cleaner, so I use the wipes on him monthly.

Recently the gunk increased dramatically in Bella's ears, so the vet prescribed ear drops in addition to our regular ear cleaning.
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