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kitten food

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hey everyone! i got my kitten 3 weeks ago and the lady i got her from used to feed her this cheap dry cat food that's sort of generic. the day i got her, i gave her a can of fancy feast and she ate it all up. she really enjoys it over the other canned food that i can find in my area like 9lives and friskies. from what i've read here on the forums, fancy feast isn't all that great, but its what i can find, its what i can afford, and meex loves the stuff. in between breakfast and dinner i giver her some friskies dry. was wondering if this is okay? she's not overweight or thin either and she eats very regularly (she wakes me up at 6 am everyday for her breakfast and meows at me when night falls). my other problem is the availability of the better brands. i found one canned food at the vet's earlier, i forgot the brand but it comes at triple the price of fancy feast so its definitely out of my budget. any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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If the kitten is healthy I would not change foods.
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There are some better quality foods out there that are not expensive. There have been numerous threads on this in this forum. Do a search and you'll find lots of info. Sharky has often given a list of better, low priced foods
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perfect! thanks guys! hope i can find it here in the philippines.
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