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Darlin' Earl went home...

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Earl Grey, Earl the Pearl, the Duke of Earl... our furry little houseguest went home with his newly-married parents this afternoon, and we all miss him so much! We couldn't adore him more, and he's an honorary member of our family now. I've posted a couple more pictures on the original thread:

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Awww! *hugs*

He'll be back before you know it though. Christmas isn't that far off.
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Aw, but it's good he has a great permanent home, too. He sure looks like he has a lot of personality!
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Carol - I don't know how you do it. Every time I've tried to foster I end up keeping more than I let go!

He's a gorgeous little boy!!
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I know! That's how we ended up with six in the first place! But now we just have no choice, we cannot have any more kitties because my parents may need to go into a retirement community in the next year or two... and I can't possibly afford a house... so it'll be hard enough to find a way to keep our little family together as it is.

I'm a little worried that Richard and Melanie will be transferred back to London in a couple of years and want us to take Earl then... and how could we refuse?

I wonder... does anyone know whether it's still true that there's some prohibitively long quarantine period for bringing a cat into Britain?
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