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How much Playtime for indoor cats?

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How much playtime is a good minimum for apartment cats?
Assuming they sleep a maximum of 12-15 hours a day...
How much time should I be playing with my cats?
Some places say 15minutes a day, others 15minutes a few times a day...

Does anyone know?

Also what are some good toys?
Toys they aren't likely to get bored with in a day...
any suggestions?
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Well, it depends on the indivudual cat you have. My cats don't really need extra excersize with me, they are all very highly active on their own. Doing it a few times through out the day, until the cat basically gets bored of the play session is the best way to go about it I think.

I mean you can't force a cat to play, some wont even last 5 minutes! lol

Good toys... those things that dangle objects off the end of a long plastic rod (it comes in many assorted toys.) Those fake furry mice. Just becareful if you buy the ones with tails, the come off a lot and shouldn't be eaten by an animal. Plastic balls that are slightly bigger than normal (so they don't get lost under everything like a fridge.) If they have a ball in them (specially a loud one) it makes it even more fun.
Fuzzy balls or fuzzy shaped animals are great catnip toys.

They also have toy balls that are treat dispencers when the cat rolls them around, a good way to encourage the cat to play.
The one I have is a big nylabone one for cats, and the cats get the food out of it with a few minutes, lol doesn't last long.
I also use a small sized kong to put treats in, they pick it up in their mouths and through it, roll it around.
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feathers on a stick, lazer pointers, pipe cleaners (make sure to bend the ends so they don't stab the kitty), boxes with holes cut into them, anything that rolls, and each other!
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I make a blanket playground. Lay some different size pillows on the ground, hide toys in between the pillows, take some empty cardboard boxes lay those down, cover all with a blanket, use a toy to entice the kitty to play and let the kitty have fun.

I don't restrict playtime.Kittens play all the time, and the cats generally join in.
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My new kitten, Kahu is always playing, he is so entertaining to watch, he has fallen in love with a certain toy mouse and while he is enjoying himself, it certainly is good exercise!

Peedoodle loves to play all the time, but its mostly with us, he brings us his toys to play with him and we do that quite often during the day. Sometimes at night also.
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