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jealous cat very jealous cat!

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i have three cats
one was adopted less than 2 mos ago

now i know they need time to adjust to each other but most of the time they are fine, and will even play together, which i didn't expect to happen so soon

the problem is my boy Sheldon. he was like this with my old girl Mickie who passed away in March-
he couldn't stand it when i gave her attention- he would get inbetween us (literally) and sometimes he would try to lash out at her, but she was the undisputed Top cat, so he always backed off quickly and never hurt her

but now, i am trying to make the new girl, Raven, feel welcome - she's been a bit stand offish but lately she wants some petting and brushing,
and while i've tried to do this only when he is not around...

i can't ignore her all the time. i mean, its not too common for one to be awake and the other asleep, they are generally all awake at the same time

now he is attacking her.
and she fights back, but he wont' back off

that riles up my other girl, who wants to watch but she ends up getting swatted, too because she startles them

and its just awful! fur flyng everywhere!
tonite i found a nail stuck in the new girl's skin!! it was Sheldon's for sure, he is the youngest and has the thinnest and sharpest nails.

any suggestions?
this most recent time, i put them all in separate rooms to cool down

but later on the same day, he was gonna go after her again, so i distracted him- which seems to me to only reward this behavoir

(oh, he only attacks her when she is sleeping!!!)

he is a very clingy cat.

i dont like my kids to fight like this!!
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It sounds to me like you know pretty well what the situation is and how to handle it. One thing you said, though, about your concern that using distraction will reward the behavior won't be a problem if you distract him with something he finds unpleasant. Take an old sock, put some jingle bells in it, and tie off the open end. Then throw it to land beside him to distract him. Or you can take a can and put some coins in it and shake it. Or get a can of compressed air and squirt the air in his direction. Or you can throw a damp sponge at him. All of these things, and any more you can think of, will distract him, but not be something that he'd want repeated.
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Take the time when they're separated to play with her as much as possible, and don't worry too much - this kind of thing goes on all the time here and so far no one's been traumatized long term (but it's frustrating anyhow).
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