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Captial Cat Show Results

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What an amazing show this weekend, but so, so tough. 18 of the top 25 CFA cats showed up, many of them future national winners. My boys hardly stood a chance; my Mau was up against an amazing bronze that is currently the number 12 premier in the national rankings. For the first time ever, I was rooting for my boy to lose! If this bronze makes it, he would be the first Mau neuter to get a national win.

As for the Turkish Vans, although having turned out as the second largest group in premiership with 5, the grands hardly got a nod in the finals. There were just too many fine examples in the majority breeds!! Our breeder and mentor said that many call this show "nasty cat" due to all the cutthroat competition! Not that I felt it, I was amazed to be surrounded by so much beauty

Best of all, DT (now Oscar ) made four finals with second best long hair premier each time. We're all so proud of him!!
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Wow - I'm surprised at the "comment" cause usually those cutthroat shows are in April (end of season) - not right now.

I hope its not as bad for Charlie in his show in 2 weeks! I do remember going to that show and not doing as well as normal. Glad you had a good time tho.
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Congratulations! Your cats are on a roll! Are you subscribed on the almanac? If not, pm me your cats' name and region and we'll see where your cats are!

GK, don't be surprised. The largest CFA show of the season will be in HK in December. Almost 50% (rumoured) of the National cats will be there. Last season the CH count for the HK Cat Lovers Society show was 184! Premiership count was 85 and kitten class was 80 somthing as well! The only reason they come over here is to replace points! And why not? If you are Best in all rings you're looking at a minimum of around 1400 points! Current #1 cat's highest point count in ONE show is 800!

My club's show this November too will feature DW/RW/NW cats - Asia's first ever 3 day show. Frankly I'm not looking forward to it - I can just imagine the exhaustion.
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Grats to Oscar for making finals at such a difficult show!
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Well done Oscar
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