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hair cuts

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I was just wondering if any of you have your cats hair cut or shaven short? My sil has a very long hair cat. It is also an indoor cat. In the summers she takes Snickers to the groomers and they shave his hair on his body, tail and legs. They leave some hair on his feet and don't touch his head. They also leave a poof of fur on his tail. lmbo
To me this sounds kindof weird but maybe the cat is a lot cooler in the summer. What do you think and do any of you do this?
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I don't have my cats shaved or cut. In air conditioning, sometimes the cats even feel chilly and huddle together. Cats can take a lot of heat, but they hate to be cold. I never noticed any discomfort when I had long haired cats, either. I have seen pictures of cats who have been shaved or cut, however.
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I lion cut two of my cats right before summertime. Both of them have long hair, and are cockleburr magnets. They stay quite comfortable after they are shaved, and as they are ferals (outdoors) and don't always come in every night when it is warm, the mats aren't a problem either. One of them eats grooming brushes for lunch, so this is the easiest way I found to make them comfortable.
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I don't think it's really .... always mean. But it can be stressful for a cat. Some cats have to be knocked out in order to be shaven or trimmed.

With Isha, we lived in VA and she has long thick fur. Our AC ALWAYS kept busting, so I just shaved her, gave her the boot cut (leaving all the fur on the tail) instead of a lion cut myself. She was fun with it, no objections what so ever. Though I think Asim liked to make fun of her for it.

When we moved to Maine, we had a pretty hot summer, and I didn't have any fans for a while (No AC either.) I would come home, walk in the front door, and there would be Asim and Isha standing there and stairing at me, just as pathetic looking as could be! They were so hot and musky and misreble from the heat. I would box them up sometimes and drive them over to my mothers house (they had AC) for a bit of reliefe on the REALLY bad days. I just gave in and cut Isha's fur again that summer too. Last summer I didn't, it wasn't that bad, our AC worked more often then not... we'll just have to see what NEXT summer at our new apartment will bring.
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Last year I think we got up to 108 or higher. I find them in the sinks and tub trying to get cool. We do use the AC but it gets expencive if you make it real comfy. They do seem to laugh at each other after the clip!
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Our vet clinic has a resident persian - they always give him the lion cut (as you described) during summer as it gets pretty hot here. I think he looks cute - and he doesn't seem to mind much at all.

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I like the lion cut. But I am farrrrr to fond of Isha's tail poof to get rid of it. It's soo... POOFY lol. So she does the boot cut. She's not outdoors and I comb her a lot so I never really have an issue with matting.
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clipping pets is my job. As a groomer, I think two of the most common reason people bring in their cats for lion clips are that they can't/won't brush the cat and it gets full of matts (case in point. I clipped a cat under anaesthetic once and the fur was so matted that it came off in one solid "pelt". My boss... and vet kept the pelt and sent it to a bald friend of his as a joke! :LOL: :LOL: ). The second reason is that the cat sheds too much, and they want to reduce the amount of hair they have to vaccuum up... though I'm not sure that really helps... the cat still sheds, but what he sheds is much less visible!
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Does anyone shave their cat themselves. If so what do you use to do it with? Do you have any pics of your cats after their haircuts? I am thinking of having Sterling shaved at the vet but I would rather do it myself to cut down on the cost.
Here is a pic of Sterling and his furr that mats ALOT!
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I've done Isha my DLH 2x myself so far. It was easy, but she is a freindly and mild mannered cat. She pretty much sat there with a "meow meow, this is interesting."
I borrowed clippers from someone to do it.

I've heard that human hair clipper won't work on an animal, is this true?
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