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Cat Sounds, In Serious Help!

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Hey there,

It's been a while since i've been here, haven't really needed any help with my 'Spike', he's been great... until now. He's still so cute and sweet but lately he's been meowing like crazy, especially at nights. I just moved into a new apartment to study at a university and took him with me (though I don't think this is the issue since he was doing this a week before we moved) and he's still doing it now. This morning he woke me at 4am and kept me up until 6am, constat meowing, I changed his water, his food, cleaned his litterbox (half-asleep btw), did everything I thought he wanted he still wouldn't stop. And he's doing it now again (he just stopped but as soon as it's dark and a little quiet he starts again).

I really don't know what to do and I need help since It's starting to get annoying, especially with studies and things to be done. How can I help him?

(Some info) - He's a male cat, just turned 1year old around 3months ago, he's not nudered. He's an inside cat but I've taken him out a few times during the summer on a leash, he didn't like it all too much but grew to like it and at our previous apartment he was in the balcony most of the time (At our new apartment the balcony is seperated with our nextdoor neighbour so I can't let him out since I don't want him to go into her apartment and she might be allergic or he might fall/jump down, 3rd floor).

In desperate need of some help, thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for your reply in advance
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You probably should get him neutered. It could be that in your new area there are females in heat or tomcats roaming in the vicinity.
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Ditto on the neutering -- a definite must.

Also, realize he's meowing to get attention. When he realizes he can get a response from you, no matter what it is, he gets what he wants and he's all that much more motivated to do it again next time. The only way to stop this is to totally ignore it. It's going to be hard -- you're going to lose sleep for a while. But if you're consistent and persistent, he should stop meowing and be quiet all night in about a week to maybe two weeks. That's after he's neutered and the testosterone is out of his system (which takes several weeks after his surgery.)

So, for now, you'd best buy some good earplugs. You'll need them for a while.
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I agree with the neutering also.
There's probably a Female somewhere around that is in heat.
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Agree with the others, I would get him fixed ASAP or he will soon start spraying!
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thanks for all the replies, and I will take him to the vet at the end of this month.

And about the earplugs, sure hehe sounds good, but do you think I should get my neighbours a pair as well? (I live in student-apartments) hope they can't hear him because if so, it's no good :/
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You might start getting complaints. Hope you get him neutered soon.
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