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Our Bijou is Home

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Some of you know that Bijou went missing Wednesday night and we've been beside ourselves with fear, sorrow and worry.

I didn't post here in the public forum, but those of you familiar with Smudge's Cafe (where Bijou often hung out with his lovely Topaz and his other friends) were aware of our loss. And of course the other mods knew.

Well, thanks to all your prayers and vibes, Bijou is home.

We have come to realize we have wonderful neighbours. One just came to the door a half hour ago to say his dog had a cat cornered in his yard under a bush and he thought it might be Bijou. We rushed over and indeed it was Bijou. We brought him home - he was quite stressed, but he has settled down now and is purring and obviously as happy to be with his family as we are to have him back.

Our neighbours have been so supportive and caring, asking about him and us. Never under-estimate the value of getting to know your neighbours and being kind and caring.

Now, I must go and spend some time loving on our Bijou.

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Oh Linda, I've been doing a lot of praying since I heard of his dissapearance, I'm so thrilled to hear that he's home & safe now!
Give him some kisses for me, please!
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Linda that is just amazing news...Thank God....Kisses to your sweet boy
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I'm so glad Bijou is home! I did miss the post about him missing, but I know how hard it is when one of our babies decides to have an adventure. Getting to know your neighbors is a very good idea...you never know when they can help! Give Bijou some extra treats for me.
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I wasn't aware he went missing... But I am so happy for you that he is home now and safe. Give him some extra kisses from me.
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I'm so glad!!! Your neighbours sound like very nice people
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I am glad to hear that Bijou is home and safe.

Bless your neighbors for helping him to get home like that. I definitely agree with you about how being kind and caring to people can go a long way.
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That`s great news!
Welcome home Bijou!
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Give him a smooch from his Auntie Jan and Topaz has the secluded corner booth ready!
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Yay Linda! That's wonderful news!

I have been holding my breath all weekend that he'd come back. You had mentioned in another thread that he was missing and it wasn't like him not to come home daily.

What a big scare for you and now a huge relief.
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I am glad to hear that your Bijou is home.
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ance: At last, your little boy will be back sharing your pillow tonight
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I'm glad he's home.
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OMG, I had no idea he'd gone missing! I am so relieved to hear that he came home, and he's safe and sound. You must have been so worried about your beautiful blue eyed boy.
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WOO HOO YIPPY ... thank you Bijou for coming home
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I was unaware of Bijou missing~but am VERY glad to hear hes home, safe and sound!!!
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I didn't know Bijou was missing. Oh..what a stressful time that must have been for you. I'm so happy he's home and safe.
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Great news
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You must have been out of your mind with worry...
Thank God your beloved Bijou is back home.
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I'm glad he's back home! It's so nerve racking when they decide to explore on their own.
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I am so happy for all of you!!!!

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It's fantastic to hear that you found him again! I've been worrying about him and yeah this is great news.
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i'm so glad you found him. tcs has great vibes!
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I didn't realize that your Bijou was missing . I'm so glad your boy is back home.
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I am so glad he is home!!
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I feel like I have been such a bummer lately, but I am so thrilled that you guys had a happy ending!
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I am so so so so so so glad that he is home, I am so happy for you guys and for Bijou!!!
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Yay for Bijou coming home safely! I, too, was unaware that he had gone missing.
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Oh Thank God for keeping him safe ! I'm so glad he's home - now hope hubby learned his lesson and will never let him outside again!
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